Monday, March 8, 2010

App Attacked

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  1. David = new best friend.

  2. Bill = creepiest mo’fo’ ever.

  3. Someone tell Bill that once Miley hits 18, she’ll be as worthless as the olsen twins were once they hit 18.

  4. Boycey – isn’t that a character from Only Fools and Horses?

  5. I’m only going to reiterate that Lamebook is uber-lame for censoring its posts.

  6. The censoring is ridiculous. FSM forbid that somebody see the letter “u”…. but only certain ones.

  7. Bill is incredibly creepy (i’m assuming he’s talking about miley cyrus), but its not like every girl hasnt been waiting for that dude who played in twilight to turn 18

  8. Way to not blur out one of the f-bombs in the first picture! Fail, Lamebook. Fail.

  9. Bill’s chances of banging Miley Cyrus will not change even a little bit once she turns 18, so it’s probably not worth thinking about.

  10. Building upon my recent cloning technology, I decided to make my own Miley Cyrus. It was really quite simple. I just mixed the DNA of a Barbie Doll and Eddie from the Iron Maiden posters. Threw in some extra teeth, melted the face a little bit, and voila!

  11. It’s such an exaggeration to say that Bill is “unbelievably creepy” for wanting to be of legal age so he can feel attracted to her without feeling uncomfortable about it. Millions of men around the world have felt attracted to famous women when they were still underage teens (Briney Spears, Natalie Portman, Vanessa Hudgens, Keira Knightley… the list is endless). It’s just normal. It doesn’t mean we’re going to go around gang-raping little girls.

  12. *for wanting Miley Cyrus to be of legal age*

  13. this pedo has a point!

  14. Ha ha! My thoughts exactly Sensible.

    FWIW I don’t think the weirdo’s thoughts aren’t normal. But at best, it’s just stupid on multiple levels to announce it.

  15. What court is in session on a Sunday?

  16. I’m pretty sure that twighlight kid is well over 18. (The Edward guy. I have no idea about the entire cast, and don’t follow the series) As for the vampire, I don’t think they age, do they? So that’ll be a long wait. 40 yr old fangirls of 17 yr old vampires are still creepy though.

  17. He meant the guy that played Jacob. Haha, very true! But even as a girl I can admit that if a 40 year old man was to fan girl obsessively over miley cyrus, or some other teen star the way older woman have got away with over the twilight franchise the would be called paedos… but then again look at the double standards woman get stuck with all the time that men don’t.

    Another point, stuff like this is pretty standard on my facebook wall, most people take it as a joke rather than ‘grap the pitchforks, there is a paedo out there!!’ Even if there is a hint of truth underneath its the kind of thing that would get 10 likes, and no abusive responces… maybe my friends take banter too far, and i’m so used to it i don’t think twice?

  18. James FTW

  19. I’m willing to bet that the reason Ashten’s “babydad” isn’t “aloud” at her house is because either she has a protective order against him.

  20. *Yes, there is a random “either” in the middle of that sentence.”

  21. So wrong Bill…

  22. jonnyb33

    Nicely played.

  23. I hope Ashten dies in a fire.

  24. ashten… #1 you have to realize that even you have a baby by a waste of human being… a trespass order means that. he had a trespass order not to enter your apartment complex… as an IPD (Indianapolis Police Department) officer for 12 years… I had the worst arrest ever because of some one like you. My backup was brutally beaten and so was I and we wound up arresting the whole family because some one like you protested, even though he we legally obliged to stay away from the projects. Get yourself a job and move away… I spent two weeks in the hospital because of some one like “yo bay’s daddy”…

  25. JAMES FTW! legendddddddd

  26. iPhones are iLame. *smh*

    James is my hero! <3

  27. Ashten’s first use of punctuation is a random ellipsis placed in a spot where it makes no sense. Not that the rest of the message was…any better.

  28. lol

  29. I don’t get #5 with Lewis etc….

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