Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday TypOhs!

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  1. Reasonably amusing 😉 Liked the last one best.

  2. Lamebook.com: “Hey did you guys know that if you miss-spell “rapped” and “wrapping” it can end up looking like the word “rape” and is very very funny?”

    Everyone who reads Lamebook.com: “Really? You’ve only mentioned it like a hundred times.”

  3. Haha who knew you could get THAT excited at a chorus and orchestra concert. Must try it sometime. @jb raping typos aren’t usually funny but the Jess one did make me laugh.

  4. Holy fuckington. S.H.I.T. (reprise)

    After a 5 day hiatus, I come back and find that lamebook might be finally returning to form and then they go and post this pile of steaming, diarrhoeic, dog shite.

  5. When I played in an orchestra every concert was a jizz fest. It makes you wonder why kids these days don’t get more interested in classical music.

  6. Welcome back Paranoid, we missed you.

    Mad2, if only I’d known. I’d have been at band camp.

  7. after the raping, what is she going to do to the kids faces?

  8. I guess I’m just tired…maybe? But Lamebook’s kinda been on a low lately…plus sorry, I really have zero interest in Glee and only wanted to call the mom a fucktard. It’s called Hulu for Christ’s sake. Then again, I might just hate Glee because my obnoxious roommates love it. I pretty hate what ever they like at this point.

  9. I won a three-day pass to CONSTANT JIZZ FEST ’08 from a radio station giveaway. It was a great time.

  10. I played my oboe at the inaugral Battersea Park 5 day Jizz Festival, started off by making a big splash but ended up causing a stink.

  11. LOL CONSTANT JIZZ FEST. That made me laugh.

    The rest remind me of my not so bright 13-year-old half sister. She was telling me about her new online FB boyfriend from Texas [yea, I know] and she said “hes a raper lol”.

    I hope to god she meant rapper.

  12. I really hope Joanne has not finnished her rape. I’m from Finland.

  13. Well actually little jay-z started rapping for candy, but then little kanye interrupted him: “Yo HOVA, Imma let you finish but I just had to say snickers is the best candy of all time!!”

  14. commentsatlarge ftw.

  15. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the christmas one here before

    in fact it was posted in 2009 so it probably was here before

  16. Christmas wrapping? Either someone is really REALLY behind, or doing things very early this year.

    I think raping for the kids, is the least of the the first persons problems. She is just a mess.

    I want to go to a JIZZ FEST!!

  17. lol I’m easy so constant jizz fest made me laugh… ugh I need to get my humor out of the gutter once and for all

  18. I must remember to stock my bowel with lollies for next Halloween.

  19. I don’t think Erik’s is a typo. Band kids can get pretty intense about their orchestral music.

  20. if the director of glee is male and he thought there needs to be a rocky horror glee than he needs to have his dick burned

  21. *yawn* Apparently everyone on Facebook spends the holidays at Pyramid Head’s house.

  22. @automaton : You win a Konami Burger! “I was weak. That’s why I needed you…. Needed someone to punish me for my sins…. But that’s all over now…. I know the truth…. Now it’s time to end this.”

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