Monday, November 1, 2010

Family Style

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  1. enough of the Creepy McCreeperton parents. pshhh, lamebook is lame for this. also, ben?

  2. oh shit.

  3. It’s the same stupid shit everyday, get some new categories lamebook!

  4. Uh I wanted to say ‘ben’ as i have nothing better to say. Also creepy uncle for sure

  5. Ooh eeh ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang.

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you…


    Is this annoying yet?

  6. No, I still like the fact you crave head.

  7. I just fucked that up .. leaving now.

  8. i concur dragon, I’m having to work really hard to get anything out of these post that I ain’t already said on the others… An I can only repeat what I’ve already said so many time without being sarcastic about it. After that I just stop speaking.

  9. I like that she said, just kidding facebook friends, I don’t poop.

    Kinda funny, I thought.

    I want to strangle girls like Emma. Deciding that they don’t want to tell the father, and then deciding the father needs to “step up”.

  10. I don’t think I should be telling you this, but it makes me chuckle still. The Rick Astley line was a nice addition.

  11. Creepy uncles have no shame.

  12. Yeah Vicky’s definitely a robot…

  13. and what’s with this “See Friendship” crap? when did that come out?

  14. Vicky W 😀 too late..

    I think Lance is not Sabrina’s real uncle, maybe aunt’s husband? I would ask her out too, even if i was married 😉

  15. Just leave a hozzaszolok and were all good.

  16. I tetszik that ^

  17. @lex the “see friendship” thing freaked me the fuck out when I clicked on it. It catalogs EVERYTHING you do or pics or wall posts and what ever. I clicked on one between my sister and I and they have it organized to look like a profile…I’m seriously a little creeped out…I feel like FB has taken creeping to a whole new level.

    Also, I just found Vicky obnoxious….and Lance the uncle a little creepy.

  18. Sabrina’s uncle reminds me of my own, except that mine was saying things like that when I was 9.

  19. Haha any old schoolers remember the whole Jason thing with Sabrina and Angela? Hahaha and he ended up finding it and freaked out for hours in the comments section saying he was going to call the cops and hire a lawyer and get us all in trouble? Oh the memories…

  20. Emma, you misspelled “baby daddy” and “bastard child.”
    Vicky, you should also remember, “girls don’t fart…they poot.”
    Pedo bear strikes again!
    Emily, stfu. Don’t be all butthurt if it’s true.

  21. i’m glad i’m not the only person in the world that’s been hit on by my uncle.

  22. I thought Vicky was really lame at first. But I LOL’d at “Just kidding facebook friends, I don’t poop” The TMI was unintentional as she didn’t realize it’d be public, ok. But I kinda hate that whole “girls don’t poop/fart” thing. BTW, I guess we also don’t have orgasms either? (Although… old people, extreme conservatives, and men don’t believe we do.) Can’t have have the good without the bad. 😛

    @MsBuzz #9 – I agree with your last statement. However, maybe it’s possible they had had a one night stand (I guess hence the “I don’t know if you remember me” bit) and maybe since they weren’t serious about each other they didn’t like…exchange phone #’s or anything, and that this is the first she’s been able to find/contact him? If that is the case, at least she’s letting him know he HAS a kid and to give him a say. Some women wouldn’t even be decent enough to do that much.

  23. Oooh…Bastien got burned!! Hahahaha

  24. Shelley, I’m male. And I believe women have orgasms. What fun would sex be without female orgasms?

  25. Seriously Emma ….. that’s how you tell someone they have a child? Good god. Oh and doesn’t everyone have a pervy uncle?

  26. I remember when my ex-wife told me she was pregnant for the first time.

    I also remember kicking her down the stairs and going at her with a coat-hanger…. so maybe telling the father over the web ain’t such a bad idea after all?

  27. @ariesdragon123

    Same stupid fucking complaining every day about Lamebook. Perhaps go to The Chive or some some dumb shit if you don’t like it.

  28. I hit on my nieces all the time just to annoy my sister-in-law.

  29. Holy fuck Imamofo! Just holy fuck – that’s all.

  30. Aw, I thought the Sabrina one was cute.

  31. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I like the Vicky one – ‘Facebook friends, only joking! I don’t poop!’ She’s clearly got a sense of humour.

    Oh, and Bastien – apart from anything else, the name? I assume it’s an abbrevieation of Sebastian, but surely there’s a pun there about… the last bastion of cyber-approriateness, or something like that. I don’t know, I’m tired, but it’s there somewhere.

  32. @hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Ever thought that people using FB might not all be American or British?

    Bastien is actually a very normal French name, no pun there, sorry!

  33. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Thank you, camouchka. I really had thought that FB was designed solely for USA and UK peeps, to strengthen political and social ties. I stand corrected.

    It may well be a very normal French name, but can’t we still pun it? My name, Vicky, is a very normal British name, but (a la my username) I can still make a little play on words. Why spoil my fun?

  34. Ah bon de quel region tu viens camouchka?

  35. hahah! Yea Bastien is a french name and I actually know that guy he got fucked pretty bad.

  36. Oh Freddie Krueger better not just have turned up. He scares the shit out of me.

  37. Last one was hungarian

  38. I’m in a bad mood today and I just hate the emmas and bastiens of the world. I have to get back to work to pay for all the bastien juniors’ “free” healthcare so the bastiens get get back to impregnating more girls. Because child support just cramps these guys style. And the emmas will no doubt whine about how immature men (of which i am one) are so immature while I get stuck with the tax bills for raising their kids.

  39. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! You know what’s even better? Some of these kids you’re paying to raise aren’t even American citizens! Illegal immigrants: you’re buying them healthcare! (I work for Medicaid. It’s true.)

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