Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gettin’ Ghetto

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  1. I no longer Google anything that is dubious, I look it up on urban dictionary first.

  2. I love the smell of oatmeal.

  3. Especially in the morning.

  4. Sasha’s nip-nip is showwing.. oh god. traumatized. and, someone told me to google search a blue waffle. -shivers-

  5. That ain’t a nip, werty, unless Sasha has really deformed, inward-facing boobs. I think it’s just a discoloration of some sort.

    And never, ever search a blue waffle. That shit traumatised me.

  6. it’s not a nipple but that’s definitely a case of an oversized areola

  7. I’ve just googled ‘blue waffle’ OH MY GOD!

    That’s fucking awful, took me a good 5 more minutes than normal to spurt my load with that photo on my screen

  8. Having just read Chelsea’s post I’m a little disturbed to hear that pigs are now taking crack. Is this what society has come to!?

    I mean I’d heard about them snorting…but this!!?!

  9. bollywood_rocks83

    Sometimes I hate coming here. You sick fucks! I am fascinated by that picture though. How much sex do you have to go through to get battered like that?

    As for Sasha, I understand standing by your man,but seriously?!

  10. damn you bunnyball!

  11. 1) Whatever, I see this all the time.

    2) Brown eye is DUHH the bunghole. How do people not know that? And oatmeal-smelling choochie don’t sound that bad cum to think of it. Now fish or rotting meat…that’s a diff story….

  12. oh and wtf is blue waffle or azul waffle? googled it and can’t find shit.

  13. Shelley, be glad you can’t find it!

  14. “Your pussy smell like oatmeal” made me actually bahaha – made my day and even magically decreased the size of my hangover!

  15. OK curly I’ll take your word for it! xP

  16. Is that a black triceratops?

  17. I’m guessing her brown eye looks better now bc he’s spent time in the hole.

  18. Sasha is beautiful. Good breasts. I would .. you know.

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