Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner


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  1. I think it’s terribly sad that they already reproduced. Can someone shoot them in the head, please?

  2. The translation is brilliant!! Original & translation = the key to communication with other civilization. Great work @Sensible Madness!

  3. Antarctic Circle

    Just to add another voice to the growing chorus of approval, Sensible Madness (can I call you SM?), your translation effort is worthy of a standing ovation.

    Which is unfortunately not something we’re ever going to say of Team Rose & Bonnie.

  4. Big Wiggly Style

    ah….the gene pool continues to be diluted by imbeciles..

  5. Hehe Sensible Madness, I read that with a John Cleese accent which made it all the more amusing I think.

  6. #3 my thoughts exactly. I’m afraid #6’s clarifications were unnecessary

    #8 you win a million internets

  7. “i’m killing cunts when i have my baby”

    She has no idea how true that is… literally.

  8. Honestly I have to thank Sensible Madness, for if that wasn’t posted I would have no idea what was going on. I believe they should do that with all of the lamebook typos. Though i am glad I am probably the only 20 year old who didn’t get that.

    I feel bad for the child, and am angered as well for my kid will probably be made fun of by her kid who will be in the same grade as mine.

    PS I don’t have a kid yet. :]

  9. You rock Sensible Madness! That was awesome! 🙂

  10. Christ on a cracker

    Oh Sensible Madness, you’re so great! Will you have my baby? That’s if you’re a guy, but if you’re a woman it’s all good, we can lesbian sex too!

  11. Christ on a cracker

    * can have…


  12. Sensible Madness, I had to register just to log in and tell you that I love you 😀
    English is not my mother tongue, and when I came into Bonnie’s first comment I truly wondered for a while whether it was in some nordic language, like, say, Danish o_O
    but, SM, your translation made my day! ^^


    …best. quote. ever.


    Sensible Madness: Pure genius;)

  15. Just want to give some additional praise to Sensible Madness. Awesome.

  16. @49 Wednesday – true! Nice work.

  17. Sensible Madness, I would marry you in an instant, if for no other reason than what I am sure would be exquisitely constructed wedding vows.

    Now all I need is to find a pedestal tall enough to put you on…

  18. By The Fuck…what the hell are these people talking about? And who on earth would allow this person to mother his child?

  19. I think in this case, expecting that Rose, Bonnie, and company were Americans was more an insult to Americans than a case of shortsightedness or ethnocentricity—since Americans know the pathetic state of our education system, we expected someone typing like that to be a product of it. So in an odd way, it was kind of a compliment to the English and Australians.

  20. Sensible Madness… you are a linguistic god amongst mere mortals of the verbal form.

    And does anyone else ever get the feeling that certain people (mentioning no names) should be culled for the betterment of humanity?

  21. Sensible Madness, you rock. (Although…bloomers?…really? LOL)

  22. Sensible Madness, you should publish a Lowest Class Denominator-Proper English Dictionary!

  23. canadian_girl_julia

    Okay people… I understand that their english or whatever the language is that they are trying to speak is a complete discrase! But hardly anyone even metioned the sheer horror that this woman is going to have a child! I certianly hope that someone else mothers this child and that they don’t let someone with such lack of knowledge and lack of judgement be trusted to bring up a child! What the hell will this woman be able to teach her child?! People like this are a complete embarassement to the human race and should be forced to become sterile so they can’t reproduce!!!!

  24. To canadian_girl_julia:
    Here we go: *disgrace, *mentioned, *certainly, (I’ll let you get by with *judgement, as it is a variant of judgment), and *embarrassment

  25. FYI – this is Australian Aboriginal lingo…from Perth Western Australia. ‘Nyoongar’ is the tribe. You people are wrong to assume they are white from pixelated images. Words like ‘Boodj’ (meaning pregnant) and ‘Unnuh’ are only spoken by Aboriginal people from this area (some of whom may be fair skinned). So is not in fact bad English, and the whole thing must be taken at least partially in jest. She’s just letting off steam! Good to see the people using their language and preserving it online 🙂

  26. She’s isn’t pregnant in the face….

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