Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Few More Quick Ones





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  1. Hey Tylee, a little tip; there is an “x” button. Use it.

  2. Mmmm 3 holes

  3. I’m pretty sure Tylee can delete that comment and keep it a secret, so did she really want it to be a secret anyway?

  4. Silly Carla, if we had to hearts we’d be Time Lords!

  5. So if I’m understanding Carla correctly, our mission in life is to find the bastard who stole our other heart and take it back from them. On the other hand, I’ve never met anyone who had a spare heart just lying around, so I’m thinking either there’s one guy with a giant warehouse full of other peoples’ hearts, or the C.H.U.D.s have them. Either way, it seems the best way to go about this would be to form some sort of hunting party and take them back by force.

    I think I can get on board with this philosophy.

  6. Silly Carla, if we had two hearts we’d be Time Lords!

  7. Time to change my occupation to repairwoman. I need some ‘tips.’

  8. Thumbs up for Ash, ruining the effect of this way overused romantic quote!

    Ryan doesn’t seem to be very inspirational… Oh well, I guess not anyone can be like SWMBM.

  9. But Lulla, he died oviously! One doesn’t make jokes about people who are oviously dead.

  10. I don’t know europe_rocks, I searched throuhg FB before posting and couldn’t find the group, I’d assume it’s fake considering this and the lack of content of the post…

  11. Ever try operating heavy equipment while not high? Boring as shit.

  12. It’s not fake, I just found it. Posted the link, but it’s “awaiting moderation”.

  13. Well then, I guess I just obviously made a joke about someone who is obviously dead!

  14. Yes, the group is real. 1,419 members and counting.

  15. Emily – I’m not a repairman, but I am a handyman… high-er me next time

  16. people that write numbers in place of words need to be zapped through their screens

  17. Lulla not obviously. Oviously. 😉

  18. Sensible Madness: I like the way you think! Hunting parties… Pitch forks too?

  19. I like turtles.

  20. I fucking hate statusshuffle

  21. So while we are hunting for our hearts should we be on the look out for our livers, thyroids and any other organs we only have 1 of?

  22. @europe_rocks
    Sorry, my bad 😉

  23. Ash and Patrick FTW!

  24. Wow there is a real mastermind behind our physical design.
    I love my holes.

  25. I love your holes too, haha

  26. A friend of mine asked his plumber if he smoked weed and he was so stoked about it that he went out to his truck and got his bud then came back and smoked with my friend and his room mates before fixing everything. ha, it’s always worth asking I suppose.

  27. Em… Carla, there’s something more serious than that. Why does every male only have 1 penis?

  28. Women have more than just 3 holes of course, try counting ears, nostrils and the back of the knees (when in a squatting position.) All are viable fuck holes.

  29. @Imamofo – the one at the back of the knees?? Please explain – I don’t know what you mean. AT ALL.

  30. Big Wiggly Style

    @Imamofo: WTF? 0.o

  31. @Svetlana: The crease at the back of the knee which is formed when in a sitting or a squatting position can be fucked.

    Sit down and slide a finger between the space created between thigh and shin. Creative fucking 101.

  32. he died obviously… wow. just wow.

  33. Yeah dude it is pretty ovious that he is dead lol

  34. Ya, I agree – Ash FTW – lol!

  35. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    Methinks Imamofo just revealed a fetish.

  36. istolethisaccount

    @theta Sigma
    lol i see u watch doctor who

  37. Ryan is oviously dead – I went to his funeral yesterday – good send off for a 22yr old lad (love the site by the way!)

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