Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Match Mishaps

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  1. I’m not like Breanna, i still visit ALL my ex-girlfriends.

    I leave flowers on their graves every Sunday.

  2. @Mental: There is a HUGE difference between getting spanked/a smack on a face and beating the shit out of a child. Your hyperbole is nauseating.

  3. @Trouty and i suppose threatening to smack your child’s teeth out is the same as a smack on the face?

  4. Considering you’d have to “smack” someone pretty freaking hard to knock out some teeth, of course not. For that much violent effort, I would label it abuse. Like I’ve said, I spanked my kids when it was necessary. Obviously that is subjective, but that’s my call as their mother. I didn’t beat them, leave welts or knock any body parts off. My daughters (ages 10 and 12, almost 13 – dear God) are amazingly respectful young girls. They have manners, say Yes, Ma’am/Sir and call my friends Miss/Mr.(first name). They behave whether I am around or not and I trust them probably more than a normal pair of sisters. (I get phone calls asking if they can watch TV/have a snack/use the computer when I’m out of the house.) You can say wat you want about the issue, but I stand by my decisions as a parent.

  5. Just throwing this out there, I got spanked when I was a kid. I don’t have violent spurts. I spank my two daughters on occasion (they’re 4 & 8), but there is a big long line between spanking a kid and assault. I cussed my mom while getting me a glass of water one time, and ended up under the kitchen sink with a back hand that would do the biggest pimp in Vegas proud. Point is, respect the people who brought you into this world. That being said, telling your kids who they can and cannot date is more than weird. My wife’s Mom said she couldn’t date me. Well guess who’s not a loser but a Marketing Director playing on fb while on salary, and whose still waiting tables.

  6. I got chills from that. David is a mean father. I love how he chews her out for swearing then uses the same word. He’ll get as much respect from her as he deserves.

  7. If Cory’s telling the truth, he’s gross.

    if kayla was talking back and swearing and being a brat to her parents in person before this post, pops should have dealt with that when it was going on, not by losing his shit on facebook when she vents about being unhappy with something.

    it seems to me that kayla is a teenager. teenagers fight with their parents. that’s the way it is, like the sky is blue. david clearly can’t handle that and it seems that this crowd feels that any sort of disagreement with a parent = disrespect and therefore, deserving of a smack.

    my dad used to talk to me the way david is talking to kayla, whether i was being a brat or not (mostly not), and it didn’t make me respect him. it made me angsty, volatile, withdrawn, and resentful towards him, and my mom for not putting a stop to it. This was years ago and I still feel little bits of these feelings around him whether he’s even saying a word to me or not.

  8. Wow, granted this is Britain and things are different here to the US. I recently finished college and am trying to move out and save for university (fuck loans) so I’d say I turned out fine.

    I’d say the only justified physical punishment to me in my youth was a smack accross the face for constantly swearing (even though my mum used to swear around me constantly from a very young age).
    But I’m a big guy and if my dad ever spoke to me like that David guy I would knock HIS teeth out even today.

    I’m 19 and adults today moan too much about kids not respecting them, personally I thought it was because they do nothing to fucking earn it. I often made things rough for myself due to my habit of being a dick to anyone who tried to exert any kind of authority on me I felt was unjustified, so I came close to being kicked out of school countless times.
    I only made it through with good grades because I’ve always been the nerdy type who spent most of his pre-teen years reading out of genuine interest in mainly science, maths and astronomy as well as constantly using computers.

    My parents split when I was fairly young and my mum was a generally very liberal (I get high with her) while my dad tended to try and be over involved in my life and generally annoyed me. Which considering i spent most of my time with my mum conflicted massively with the way I was used to living, so that probably accounts for why I sound like the ultimate nightmare of most parents here.

    mega rant/
    I pretty much raised myself and ended up simply giving my parents and some family a lot of shit at the slightest hint of trying to run my life and generally acted like a stereotypical rebel.

    Bring on the hate.

  9. Trouty and Irish, I LOVE you two! 🙂

  10. I think Mr. Stepdad should put down the meth pipe and take some classes.

  11. collardgreens4life

    You guys are the reason kids are failures at life. David, keep on putting that bitch in her place.

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