Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Few Quickies

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  1. Jenny, that joke was written five minutes after the toothbrush was invented.
    Steve, you’re my gay hero.

  2. Steve Wins, turn off the internet.

  3. Stone Cold ______ Austin

  4. hahaha Steve ftw!

  5. @1 – is it really old? hmm I never heard it before and I lol’d. Well no I didn’t because I’m sitting on a bus and don’t want to look like a twat. So I smiled quietly.

  6. The important question here is whether she cooked the Hot Pocket first. The answer will determine whether I decide to love foreigners, and thus how I will vote in the next elections. Shame on Denis for not providing all the information.

    And yay Steve.

  7. Angie didn’t come up with hers as it’s from Status Shuffle. :O how rude.

  8. Steve just made my day.

  9. Good God, Lamebook, you made me laugh. Hard. For an extended period of time. Bravo.

    Actually it was just Steve. Steve wins.

  10. Steve wins. And he needs to defriend the asshole who asked him that question. Not for being homophobic, but for being completely lame and thinking that was clever. I can’t even imagine under what logic he would think that “joke” made sense.

  11. All our internet are belong to Steve.

  12. agreed with #10, that gay ‘joke’ didn’t make any sense whatsoever

    angie sounds like such a classy girl

  13. STEVE’s are always awesome.

  14. Ya know…I knew Steeeever was gonna be super excited about that last one.

  15. I feel stupid for asking but is Steve’s comment a remark that he gets turned on by pussy, and therefore gets turned on by Jack?
    Did I understand that right?

  16. oh yeah…and Angie’s comment sucks ass. What the hell is a status shuffle comment doing on LameBook?

  17. Jenny, would sound retarted to be called a teethbrush, you stereotypical cunt.
    Hot pockets for Halloween..makes me think of Jim Gaffigan’s skit.
    Angie, it’s better that your cooch now smells and burns like Hot Wings, rather than Oatmeal.
    Gays are not pussies. They hate pussy. Baka.
    No, Steve called jack an asshole, which as a gay, he likes to fuck and is turned on by it. Steven sounds like a straighter, which, using his own lame joke logic, he would be turned on by a pussy, which straights like to fuck.
    Hope that helped.

  18. Keona I think that is backwards. Jack called Steven an asshole. Steven called Jack a pussy. Steven sounds like he is gay. Jack sounds straight.

  19. i agree with that @18.

  20. I blame dyslexia…and my own not checking before I type.

    What’s with the spams?

  21. @Keona. When you go to the link the first “sorry” is a trout reference, which relates to oatmeal post lol

  22. What’s amazing is that sarah2p actually takes the time to make a relevant statement, THEN spams.
    Handcrafted spam. Interesting.

  23. status shuffle is for total lazyasses if you dont know what to put in your status than dont put anything

  24. Steve is a WINNER!

    LOL @ Jenny! Heard it before, but still kinda funny.

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