Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Wages of Sin

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  1. #1 LoL! Gotta love bad drinkers

    #2 What a wuss

    #3 lol who poops in a shower?

  2. I think they should be glad he was that consistent, his shit could’ve been SO much worse.

  3. Wait, Blake asked a guy who was pissing-on-the-floor-drunk to move their car? That’s scary! I guess its a good thing he was also too drunk to listen.

  4. karprez – Maybe he wasn’t drunk, maybe he’s just a dick who pisses everywhere.

  5. LOL Gross.

  6. I don’t think blake was in any position to me driving a car. Even if it was just a few feet.

  7. Sorry to tell you Ashleigh but Andy was having fantasies about Ang Lee.

  8. Fantasies about Ang Lee will get you dumped. Fantasies about Guy Ritchie, however, rock.

    Also, if the poop was totally loose, wouldn’t that be better? Then they’d just have to turn on the shower, rinse it all down the drain, and then bleach the tub. Now they actually have to take the poop out. Ew.

  9. Tom pissing on the floor was just an afterthought because it’s been a normal occurence for the last few years. It would eventually seal his fate to never be invited to Blakes again for a party.

  10. Yey for Tom. He was a worse drunk than me at the weekend. Makes me feel heaps better.

  11. dirtylittlepretty

    made me laugh today, except for the douchy second post. just lame.

  12. I read the name of the post as “The Stages of Win” at first…I’m a bit dyslexic sometimes.

    1) I’d like to see those picture.
    2) init

  13. My first name is Blake. But I am a hell of a lot more lenient than the douche who shares my appellation. Seriously, ‘Tom, don’t fuck a girl in Dylan’s room. Tom, don’t fuck a girl on Dylan’s chair.’ Who is this Dylan, princess of the house?

  14. @mad2physicist so if someone jizzed all over your bed, broke your chair, and pissed on your carpet you wouldnt be a little teenie tiny upset

  15. Pissing on someone’s floor at a party is a guaranteed beating, it’s just a fact. If you piss on someone’s floor, the host and all those who witnessed the event have the right to beat you unconcious and steal your money and whatever posessions you may have. Now banging a girl in an ‘off-limits’ room is a lesser offense and only calls for ragging on how ugly and overweight whatever girl he was with was. (even if she was the complete opposite)

  16. Dylan could have been Blake’s son or someone who was out of town… LMAO @ the pissing on the floor afterthought

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