Friday, May 24, 2013

MEANium Well

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  1. Not even close to being funny……

  2. Are restaurants even allowed to cook burgers medium rare? Where I live, medium is the minimum by law.

  3. F**k that racist BS

  4. @Beatus – In-‘n’-Out will cook them medium rare if you ask them to. And they are so much better that way! Make animal style and add a Two If By Tea and you’re good to go.

  5. ^ Not in my state, unfortunately. I’ve asked, and the answer was no.

  6. Never could understand how people can eat their meat when it still contained blood.

  7. ^ A medium rare ribeye is an absolute pleasure to the palate. I encourage you to try it some day. You may have to work your way down to medium rare (it’s all psychological) before you can enjoy the exquisite taste, but doing so is definitely worth it.

  8. beatusmongous speaks the truth! I was raised with meat that was cooked to death, so I had to work my way down. Luckily, here in Africa we are not legislated to death (yet), so they’re pretty happy to cut off its horns, wipe its arse and slap it on your plate.

  9. Steak tar tare is on my bucket list. Sadly, I have yet to experience it.

  10. I don’t know where you live, but in most states, you can order a minimum of medium rare. It’s rare that’s outlawed. And btw, it’s not set by state. Fucking hell, is the USDA that sets the law.

  11. ^ It pertains to ground beef, only, not steaks. Due to the Jack In the Box scare about 20 years ago, California’s health department mandated that all ground beef must be cooked to medium or more. Because Nevada gets the majority of our tourism from California, we quickly followed suit (no pun intended). We can still enjoy raw steak, though.

  12. I can’t eat ground beef in any form except well done. It just weirds me out.

    I like my steaks pretty rare, though. Carib, you really should give it a try.

  13. California is one weird state. Not just about their burgers. Dear God, just weird.

  14. I’d rather take a shot gun blast to the face than eat rare meat

  15. #13 California isn’t that weird, it produced me, so how weird could it be?

  16. Woops almost forgot, Kate is a racist cunt.

  17. This must be another American thing.. I have never been asked how I wanted my burger cooked. Steak, yes; meat pattie, no. That’s just asking trouble.

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  19. Something about her attitude makes me think Kate has not spent many years, and study hours to try to learn a 2nd language. I don’t even think she is being particularly racist, just very ignorant.

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