Thursday, May 23, 2013

A New Hit

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  2. Or a bat from a homeless guy.

  3. I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed for eating crackers, but I’d send her on her way before morning.

  4. Is it rude to observe that Kim K prefers pure black caulk above all other caulk for fixing her window?
    She tried partially black caulk, but it didn’t work out…

  5. sssttteeeevveeerrrs tellin a damn lie..u would hit joan rivers if u had the chance just 2 say u did

  6. What?

  7. crustylovelips

    They should shoot Kim K and anybody who has ever endorsed her while listening to a bit of Purple Haze.

  8. ^ ‘Scuze me, while I kiss the sky!

  9. I’d hit that…Then I’d throw it in reverse and hit it again. Thud thud…

  10. So we’re all just pretending she’s not attractive? OK.

  11. I find her attractive and I would court her.

  12. @Evil, some of them are pretending, but they know that if they were given the opportunity, they’d take it in a flash, and probably ejaculate prematurely out of excitement. Of course, with her, one must make sure to wear protection. That’s why I have a condom on me at all times.

  13. #5 I’d bang Joan Rivers she’s a damn good comedian.

    It’s funny that all these people want to bang Kim, I’d much rather bang Ray J. Seriously she did and now just a couple of years later she’s worth like 50 million. It might be uncomfortable but Ray J must have like a solid gold dick.

  14. ^Joan Rivers is a dick.

  15. RobertBergstrom

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  16. @Evil She is not nearly as attractive as she thinks she is…

  17. ^ But she’s as attractive as I think she is, and that’s all that matters if I’m there.

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