Friday, October 30, 2009

Fast Friday!





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  1. my sphincter is burning SO bad right now.
    I’ma douche some milk up it.

  2. lol at Williams comment… bloody bloody hell~

  3. I wonder what made those tampons defective.

  4. my sphincter.

  5. they expired probably

  6. The guy who said sphincter is really funny.

  7. Jemma’s comment is my fave, about “learning or language.” Good stuff!

  8. Ew–what makes tampons defective

  9. my sphincter is still burning, now my ball sack is itchy.

  10. Uh oh! He’s got the ball sack involved!

  11. Defective!!

  12. Mems – no strings attached…

  13. great now my sphincter is defective.
    Thanks alot.

  14. Shrug–Gotcha..and bummer!

  15. Want to lose serious pounds from your sphincter?


  16. Wow. Jemma = dumb racist.

    And, as we know, “there’s no racist like a dumb racist!”

  17. Racists??? Very bad!! Somebody gonna get hurt REEEALLLL bad…somebody…i am not going to say who….oh you know very well….anyone want a HAWT DAWG????

  18. Shut up KKK!!… is your name KKK….that is just gay….go fix your accent…..and spelling and i want a hot dog…

  19. you both need to take it easy.. relax…

    it is just fun….

    I need a spoon for my coffee

  20. LEARN OR LANGUAGE is the best one I’ve seen today.

  21. I agree with Chinchillazilla.

  22. This comment section isn’t giving me enough attention.

  23. Yea., let’s all be fans of things we don’t give a fuck about..

  24. i prefer learn to language, but that’s probably just me.

  25. Craig: Sounds like a a well-rounded guy.
    Jemma: So much for tolerance and multiculturalism
    William: Most appropriate response yet.

  26. “LEARN OR LANGUAGE” well if she was giving the choice she obviously didn’t choose LEARN, hehehehehe…. coz she’s stupid……. so she didnt learn anything….. hehehe

  27. defective box of tampons= red scare.

  28. loved the last one, & its her DESTINY..

  29. I got my dick stuck in the sink this morning 🙁

  30. Hope it wasn’t the garbage disposal

  31. Lol at Craig’s unfortunate juxtaposition of fan sites!

  32. Muay Thai

  33. Capt lou, I actually hope it was, he deserves it if he had it in there to begin with.

  34. If you’re going to live in this country, please displace Jemma.

  35. I don’t care if she made a typo she is right.
    for our sake and your own why wouldn’t you learn the language of the place your going to live?
    How lazy can you be?

  36. Metalcraze: “You’re,” not “your.” As in YOU’RE a fucking idiot for not being able to spell in YOUR own language.

  37. @Jayanna Agreed.

    @metalcraze How lazy can you be that you won’t even learn the basic grammar rules of the language in the country you live in.

    She IS right… if you want to live in a country you should expect to have to speak the language. However by using incorrect grammar in her post she made herself seem like a hypocrite, a hypocrite that doesn’t know what she claims to be her own language very well.

  38. @Tazinijif Which metalcraze then proceeded to do also.

    Some people are not aware that they are making a mistake, so how are they to fix it unless they are shown? We didn’t all have A grade English teachers and some of us have learning disabilities.. So it is a little unfair to put everyone who can not spell or use grammar correctly in to the same basket…

    Maybe instead of criticising someone, give them a friendly heads up so next time they are aware.

  39. Yeah come on people, stop being grammar nazi’s for once in your life at least, I had an A grade afrikaans teacher, and she iritated the living sh*t out of me, and yeah afrikaans is my first language, yet my english is than more than half of the people here’s combined, yet i don’t rub it in their faces. Shame

  40. *for shame.

  41. dirtylittlepretty

    tuck those itchy balls up in your sphincter..maybe it will feel better??

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