Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moronic Moments

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  1. Justin has no business driving a car…she should not have helped him and left his ass…
    And what has the world come to that she thinks Batman was anywhere near Back to the Future? I mean the sign is in the shot.

  2. I’m surprised Justin has enough brain cells to manage driving. Wow.

  3. the first one made me chuckle.

    reminds me when my friend got her hair stuck in the dryer door. I don’t even understand how you can do that in the first place, but she didn’t think of opening the door first before freaking out.

  4. #1 is from an old blonde joke…. @chiiro was she blonde too?

  5. Ashley looks quite cute. Too bad she’s an idiot. But I have to say The Back To The Future ride at Universal Studios was pretty good. Not there now. Sad.

  6. slicingupeyeballs

    Yay for dumb girls with pert hooters and slim arses.
    Ashley does indeed look rootable, and dumb ones are the best as they lack the capacity to think of anything other than what is being done to them…

  7. CommentsAtLarge

    If ya can’t be smart, be pretty. Wonder if the Batmobile up there goes back in time once you hit 88 Morons Per Hour.

  8. saw a great t-shirt the other day a DeLorean crashing into the tardis with the line ” it came out of nowhere!” this would not have been amusing if it was the bat mobile. that is all.

  9. I don’t care if Justin’s is fake, I laughed my ass off! 🙂

  10. Justin’s is from an old joke, but it’s not necessarily fake. I know someone who panicked because she locked her car doors before getting out, and thought she was trapped inside.

  11. By the way, being totally clueless about movies doesn’t make you a moron. It just means you have other interests.

  12. @ idontknow

    Being clueless about movies may not make you a moron. Unfortunately being unable to read a giant freaking poster that tells you what movie the car appeared in, and probably a plaque stating the name of the car? Well, makes you a major moron.

  13. Maybe she meant the “Backmobile”.

  14. Justin already admitted his stupidity so this does not apply. There is a possibility that it could happen though, if the keys were in the trunk, and the car does not have a trunk release inside, being able to get into the car will not do any good, you’d still be screwed.

  15. And now I am admitting my stupidity! I do not know the difference between truck and trunk…. my very own moronic moment. Commence the jokes on my behalf 😉

  16. So, I shit you not, but In Orlando, I heard a 911 tape, some lady locked her self IN her car. Her battery had died, and she called 911 freaking out because it was getting hot, the old bag didn’t think to pull the lock up on her car..

    Oh, and when i used to work for a locksmith in Orlando, I went to a call once where the chick locked her keys in the car, only not… they were on the roof.. Or then there is the one where the back window is down, or the doors are all open, and no one thinks to check.. Its sad, some people just have no common sense.

  17. Here’s an idea Ashley, get in the car, go back to the time when your parents conceived you, stop your dad emptying his splooge into your mum and hey presto, one less stupid person in the world. Also, one less sub-par submission for lamebook so that’s a win-win.

    I can feel a paradox coming on…

  18. Josh from post 2 is my hero, why didn’t anyone think about that!

  19. #Paranoid Android

    This is one of those rare occasions where I find myself thinking “maybe I should have watched Knight Rider more often”

  20. Guys, stop bashing Ashley. I know where this pic was taken. This is at the Hollywood Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. Right beside The Delorean is The Batmobile. The description probably just got misplaced.

  21. #20 or someone badly cropped the picture. The Hollywood casino looks like a very decent place. Do they have other famous movie cars? Perhaps Herbie? or that Plymouth Fury from Christine?

  22. or maybe it *is* the batmobile, the sign in the background refers to a different car, and the batman production team just used the wrong car in the movie.

  23. I am trying very hard to believe that these are fake. No one that stupid should be allowed to run around free. I think the Victorians were on to something when they locked family members born like this in the attic.

  24. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The fact that the thought just now occurred to Josh is worse than the thought itself.

  25. @stomabeutel
    Seriously? If you print more money but wealth itself doesn’t increase then the money becomes devalued. And if it happens recklessly you end up with people wallpapering their homes with their paper money because it’s cheaper than buying wallpaper.

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Is Sian being Wallace or do we need to come up with a new name for what He/She is doing? I vote we call it being Sian.

  27. Sian, ever heard of sarcasm?

  28. @Sian, seriously? Gosh golly, I never thought about that, Do people still use wallpaper?

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