Monday, January 3, 2011

The Dead of Night…

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  1. Like!


  2. I remember the first time I got a refund on my hot dog. Good times.

  3. I get the feeling Christopher’s last comment is a lie.

  4. they only saw one dead hooker? slow night i guess

  5. how the hell did he get a refund for his hot dog?? that’s amazing… who cares about hookers… come work at the morgue you’ll see them all the time.. but hot dog refunds, not an everyday experience.

  6. You actually work at the morgue? out of curiosity, who do you have to piss off in college to get that job?

  7. hpcan, how VERY rude of you! My mother happens to be a dead hooker, you twatbrain.

  8. Well, I’m glad to see Keona hasn’t been on today. Maybe she finally got the hint from me and nexus that she’s been an annoying twat from day one, who tries too hard to be accepted and to be funny. Most of her “jokes” are just variations of other lamebookers. As I said yesterday, she really shouldn’t care, because this is the internet. Not to mention, why even put a picture up on this site? This isn’t myspace or facebook.
    Perhaps we can get some peace with her gone. Granted, I do take medicine for paranoia. But I’m certain that I’m right about her. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

  9. Is Keona the one hacking profiles?? That wasn’t me commenting. I wouldn’t write “me and nexus” or use the word twat.

  10. Or perhaps JonJones is the hacker?

  11. mb Why are you so paranoid about Keona? I haven’t been on in awhile, and granted, her jokes aren’t the best, but typically, she’s just trying to comment on a post. I keep reading about how she wants acceptance and all, and she’s nuts, yet here you are accusing her, straight off the bat, of being a hacker. If she apologized about her screw ups before, and stopped being an idiot, then why can’t you let bygones be bygones? most lamebookers have moved and don’t care enough to keep ranting about one person every post. Why? Because as many have said, this is the internet. No one cares obsessively as you do, over the internet.

    I’m not defending her in any way. I’m just asking what your deal is.

  12. this comments section is supposed to be to comment on the posts. Everyone who is being a dick to Keona is ruining this site. chill the heck out and leave her alone. If i were Keona i’d just change my username and not a damn one of you would know the difference.

  13. I didn’t actually accuse anyone. I just asked for other commenter’s theories. It was only based on the timing of someone commenting under my name and those two users commenting on other posts.

    I’m not particularly interested in trying to keep anything going. I just wasn’t on lamebook when the 100+ comments about the whole shesucks and Keona happened…now that was weird.

  14. Candid is right that if keona changed her name none of you farkles would know the difference…. until she started talking about her gardener.

  15. mb, as every commenter/lurker has the ability to change his name to any other name, it’s a bit of a waste of time to try to figure out who is taking other peoples’ names. Just know mb, that these men are cowards.

  16. WTF why does my phone change people’s to peoples’ over and over again?!?! Fuck this shit. I QUIT!!!!

  17. Woah, you type on LB on your phone. That is insane.

    And I had to google ‘farkle.’ Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? I picture your long grey mane sweeping in the wind, whilst the soundtrack to easy rider sets the ambience, at least until you die in a crash after texting on your phone.

  18. candid and Walter, while you both make a good point, a person (whether it be on the internet or in person) shouldn’t have to leave a site, or change a name just to avoid this sort of thing. It’s a hippy-esque belief, but I think it holds some truth. I said in a previous post recently that I made another name, just in case for some odd reason, I can’t handle it.

    Walter, farkles made my day just now.

    Jessi Slaughter is a prime example of a person who let things on the internet (for God sakes) to get to her and have emotional breakdowns (which she then posted…on the internet.)

  19. That’s funny. Lots of funny today, which is nice.

  20. You got in before me, Keona. I’m slow as. That comment was meant for the few comments before yours.

  21. Pep, why are you always so interested in me? You are starting to remind me of blondebimbo and it’s a little creepy.

  22. Awww, Pep, I’m sorry. I take it back. Will you be my hesucks??

  23. Uh oh, it sounds like it would be a rocky, inconsistent relationship.

    You know psychologists say that treating someone like shit half the time, and like royalty the other half, is the best way to keep a pet or mate fixated and in love with you.

    But it appears you know that. I must try to resist.

  24. You’ve obviously never owned a cat.

  25. I live with a cat, but I’d never suspected he’d do that to me.

    You’re trying to make me question everything that makes my life stable. Are you an anthropologist?

  26. No, I’m just the son of a dead hooker, livin’ a dream, on my Harley, with one hand and one eye devoted to you.

  27. Looks like you’ve got your HTML tags working, there, Pep. Glad I could be of service to you. Anyway, I’m done for the day. ☮ out, bro.

  28. Pep, any word on what psychologists say about keeping a pet who is also your mate fixated and in love with you?

    I’ve been trying that royalty/shit strategy for some time now but my pet parrot still doesn’t seem to want to mate with me and he seems completely fixated on food and water instead of me for some odd reason. He makes me feed him every two or three weeks.

  29. The moment has passed. Let us depart into the night. Peace, Walter, Peace, wordy.

  30. Later dude.

  31. Gone for a day and Pep moves in…

  32. I remember seeing my first dead hooker, ahhh Mum looked such at peace…..

    Well at least she would have done without that hammer hanging out of her.

  33. Fucking bollocks, coming back to the same old shit but that’s the way I like it being the hypocritical cocknose that I am.

    A belated HNY to all.

  34. Don’t worry blondy, you’re still my soul mate in another life. Pep is only my soul mate in another (creepy) dimension.

  35. iamamofo, sorry pal but I already played the “my mother is a dead hooker” card…. twice.

  36. Walter: This news makes me very sad, I will go and punchpull my penis until it weeps creamy tears, hopefully this will redeem me in your eyes.

    To be honest the dead mum /hooker gag was a bit obvious and i should have checked to see if anybody else had got in there before me…..did you put a hammer in your dead mum /hooker?

  37. No hammer. I was thinking screwdriver, but I was thinking I should leave the options open for you when you told us about your sister/auntie/nana.

  38. The options are almost endless….

    Janet, my sister, was with pliers, Aunty Mandy with a spirit level and Nana with a Black and Decker sandblaster (it was the only way to get at her dusty old hole)

    That was a funny old day at B&Q, i’ll tell ya.

  39. Wow, that does sound funny. But it’s good to hear that you were able to get a firm grip on the situation, line up all your ducks in a row, and etch in a positive outcome.

  40. Anyone else wondering how they knew for sure that it was a hooker? :o)

  41. Wow Imamofo, you’ve met someone as crazy and depraved as yourself. Is this the start of a beautiful friendship?

  42. It’s either the start of a beautiful friendship or the prelude to a massive, sweaty clusterfuck…. i’m not bothered which to be honest.

    @hoshy – she still had the semen of her last couple of customers congealing on her inner thighs….it’s a dead give away.

  43. sexclamationpoint56

    these people must live in detriot cuz that’s like one of the only places u see a riot incur, a swat team, and a dead hooker in one night

  44. Have you never been to Killadelphia? I wanted to see the liberty bell but that was not the only thing that was cracked.

    Did you know that all of the museums in DC (that’s a good one for dead bodies too) are completely free, even if you’re not a US citizen? And people still don’t want to live in that swampy shit-hole. I’ll bet the bodies decompose really quickly though.

  45. Okay, I’ll admit all the bodies I’ve seen in my life were already covered in that tarp, cloth, whatever thing that policemen throw down and surround with yellow tape, but my neck is just as rubbery.

  46. butt keona was my soulmate

  47. They Live in Hawaii. These are Army guys. lol

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