Friday, October 30, 2009

What Really Matters


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  1. My dick hole burns.

  2. @ the post – huh?
    @ JakeYour – hmmm

  3. As I said My dick hole burns.
    Now lick it better nigga.

  4. No grammatical errors.? No “mispelled” words.? No excessss letterrrr addittioooonsss.?? Where’s the lame.?

    Seems like a genuine post to me..


  5. It’s lame becuase they’re clearly idiots to have an argument over facebook on something that’s ridiculous.

  6. “No grammatical errors”? Did you even read anything Cori posted? But nevermind that, this conversation is pretty lame but not very entertaining.

  7. My dick hole still burns

  8. JakeYour – Sounds like a personal problem. Have you not learned anything from lamebook?

  9. It really deep inside like up my urethra.
    My poor DickHole

  10. Muthafukin' Maurice

    That is the weakest LB entry of all time.

  11. It seems to be spreading up under the part where my balls meet my sphincter.

  12. Ha, I think it’s funny. I expected some dramatic relationship stuff but David’s last comment makes it.

  13. JakeYour – go see a freaking doctor and stop whining to a bunch of invisipeeps.

    I thought Cori was kinda lame. She’s whining about him telling her some sort of “hard truth” when she was in a bad mood, but she chats about lottery and shopping? What does she talk about when she’s in a GOOD mood?

  14. my sphincter is on fire!

  15. JakeYour – take your bf with you to that doctor.

  16. The burn is now spreading from my sphincter, up to the crack of my ass..
    It looks pretty.

  17. When I win the lottery I’m gonna buy this website so that only I can comment on it.

  18. Normally the Boz impersonators get on my nerves, but I have to say that last comment was pretty funny.

  19. I think i see some spotting on my toilet paper, my poor sphincter.

  20. Probably just greasy marks from the finger you quite clearly have up your ass Jake.

  21. My balls are joining with my sphincter, now its just one big scrotum.

  22. Re: This “JakeYour”…

    Obvious troll is obvious. That is all.

  23. OMG! This JakeYour guy is soooo funny! You’re killing me! :\

  24. A massive retard 🙂

  25. Maybe if he wins the lotto he can…

    Oh wait, those kinda comments aren’t funny.

  26. I’m a fucking idiot. I’m so sorry for wasting everyone’s time with my lame ass comments. I am the lamest person of all time and just wanted some attention because everyone, even my mother, hates me. Also, I’m 12 and think the words sphincter and dickhole are still funny.

  27. @JakeYour

    My impersonators are kewl, but that is just lame.


  28. You lame piece of shit. No one cares about livejournal anymore – go back to 2003, the last time you said something funny.

  29. At least JakeYour isn’t using the “@” sign.

  30. @@@@@@@@@@ you clearly have your priorities in order. It’s OK to be an annoying douchebag, but it’s not OK to use the “@” symbol to direct a comment at someone.

    Go away please.

  31. Except that using the “@” sign MAKES you an annoying douchebag. So it’s not okay either.

  32. I don’t know…I think I have gleaned some useful expressions from this post. Can’t wait to cheer someone up by ‘vomiting comfort’ on them!

    Does nobody else think the lame here is that these people’s brains are clearly drug-f***ed?

  33. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ <3

  34. Although no one else agrees with me on the subject, and I have nothing to recommend me for the position of “Executive Decision Maker Regarding What’s Cool On The Internet” — other than the fact that I’m a 15 year old boy who picks his pimples and doesn’t shower — I’m going to continue to pretend as though I am vastly superior to those poor, ignorant souls who use “@” as a form of address. Perhaps one day someone will agree with me. Perhaps she will be a girl. But until that day, I will fap my micropenis to the sound of my own imagined greatness, and cum gobs of hope all over my computer screen.

  35. More comments from fake Boz, @@@@@@@@@@@ or JakeYour and we’ll start needing a (aka “The funniest and lamest of lamebook”)…

  36. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    @ @@@@@@@@@

    Please explain to us one more time how the @ sign means something on twitter, but signifies nothing absolutely anywhere else.
    That never gets tired.

  37. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ you make me lol every time. *Swoon*

  38. @Boz@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  39. man my dickhole started burning again

  40. David, I spit too…. but not truth.

  41. But I DO swallow comfort

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