Monday, September 6, 2010

Product Placement

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  1. I’m hoping I get the first comment just so no one can continue with that retarded “Ben” crap.

  2. BEN BEN BEN awwww shit.

  3. These are all pretty awesome. Poor Buzz. I hope he gets taken home by a milf and her hot daughter.

  4. Yeah, if your mom is still packing your lunch then you shouldn’t be having sex.

  5. Took the words right out of my mouth Goober.


  7. Back from the hospital. Doing fine.

  8. How dare they let that black baby sit with the white ones. . . .

  9. why is the last one supposed to be funny?

  10. @ historyprof – because it’s a bunch of whites dolls and one black doll. lighten up.

  11. Anybody notice how I’m not writing any whiny shit to protest the last one or bitching at lamebook to take it down?

  12. No. 3 looks like the crowd at an NBA game, only more racially diverse.

  13. I can’t help but think that if the straw was placed like that only on a woody cup, it would be more funny.

    “Look mom, woody has a woody!”


  14. @ Dukey: Or taking my comment serious. Thanks 8)

    Good one teo.

  15. @teo If you reverse their colors, it is also a slightly more diverse representation of the average NBA team

  16. Maybe black “Baby Alive” is that much more popular than the white ones and all the other black ones were sold already. Or maybe this picture was taken in New Hampshire and was meant to reflect the current demographic of real babies. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

  17. LOL @#10 LBpro “Lighten up”

    Defective, I’m very offended but I won’t be, if you pass me a bottle of Stella Artois.

  18. Why are you offended Dukey? do share.

    That last pic speaks volumes, I like it for that. Sad it’s a reality though.

  19. I like Trey’s mother. She’s looking out for her son like all good mothers should. No chlamydia or grandchildren in your house, hey, lady?

    EmKitt, good to hear. You’re going to be a little sore for the next few days. No eating of sharp objects, ok.

  20. Saffer I’m not actually offended, that was a joke. I was making fun of the douche holes that were whining to make LB take down the picture of that fat chick from 2 or 3 weeks ago.

    I for one know that in Wal-Mart, black barbie dolls sell cheaper than white ones. Nobody has bothered to give a reason why, It just happens to be. Some say it’s a supply and demand thing, for me, I don’t give a shit.

  21. @Grammar Police: That’s funny, I was at Disneyland recently and I kept yelling “Woody has a woody!” all throughout the Small World ride (since, ya know, they added Disney characters to the ride, he happened to be included). My friend wished she could drown me in the water. Good times, gooooood times :).

    No, I’m not sane.

  22. Oh for Christ’s sake, I’m so sick of this PC nonsense. There are 20 Baby Alive’s in the photograph. If there were one more black Baby Alive, it would be an almost exact representation of the percentage of blacks in America. F*ck!

  23. @word, I think I can follow that instruction. I’m just glad to be out of the hospital, where they seemed to have an uncanny knack for ignoring my allergy bracelet.

  24. Don’t tell me they tried to give you something you’re allergic to? Hospital FAIL. It happens a lot. Just be thankful you got out of there alive, EmKitt.

  25. My forlorn hope Trey (cool), is that your mother was hoping you would mistake the condom for some kind of snack and you would choke to death you fucking steaming pile of retart.

  26. @word, I’m allergic to wheat and they tried to give me wheat three times. Lucky they didn’t try to give me capsicum because that allergy is an anaphylactic one for me. Wheat just gives me hives.

  27. If you can’t prepare your own lunch, you shouldn’t be having sex to begin with.

  28. I used to force my mother to dress up like Helen of Troy and serve me breakfast in bed on a tray. So I can kind of relate to Trey and his Trojan story.

  29. the doll picture is clearly staged. More likely that there were a bunch of black dolls and a bunch of white doll and someone..because they are HILARIOUS…put a black doll in the middle of the white ones.

    I still fail to find the point in it though – maybe that’s because I’m British and we’ve moved on from simple black and white racism and started to prejudice against the “gingers”.

  30. Fucking gingers, getting bastard everywhere.

  31. You people just don’t get it. The fact that the demand for negroid dolls is half that of the white dolls after factoring for demographics is irrefutable proof that coloured folks are just different from the rest of us and the negroid dolls should have their own special area down at the back of the store.

  32. And the sales of ginger negroid dolls has just got to stop. Also. I truly believe that.

  33. Charlie Incognito

    It could be the Rosa Parks of dolls. Defiantly not moving from the white baby alive only shelf.

  34. Glad you’re okay EmKitteh 🙂 Hope nobody thought I was having a crack at you guys the other day, was more aimed at that other commenter who was saying you guys should be a Lamebook entry.

    Didn’t we have the Buzz Lightyear post before, but with like, Snow White or someone on the cup? One of the Disney people.

  35. To infinity and beyond! I love that woody has a woody, it makes me smile!

  36. The argument from a few weeks ago was necessary. The picture needed to be taken down. The picture with all the white dolls and one black one is, of course, not funny, just as the picture from a few weeks ago was not funny.

  37. Yeah, I’m on the side of the picture being taken down. Fair enough if you have a gripe with fat people, but when the joke is basically putting up a picture of an overweight person and then having everyone mock her… well then we’re basically People of Walmart, and we might aswell all kill ourselves.

  38. Yeah, I’m on the side of the picture being taken down. Fair enough if you have a gripe with fat people, but when the joke is basically putting up a picture of an overweight person and then having everyone mock her… well then we’re pretty much People of Walmart, and we might aswell just all kill ourselves.

  39. Oops.

  40. As sick as I am over the repeated animal dongs and Disney cups with wood, I am even more sick of everyone crying that the “fat chicks” picture was removed. Did you really like it that much? REALLY? Move on people, move on.

  41. What’s this fat chicks picture stuff about?

  42. Buzz cup, I totally posted on facebook. Thank you user for posting it on lamebook. Life goal accomplished 🙂

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