Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rejecting the Rejector…

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  1. I don’t mind when things get repeated, when something old gets brought up and does the rounds again, it happens. But what does bothers me is this mother fucker posting it as though it’s his own material and actually receiving credit for it in the form of likes. Which we all know, matter.

  2. ^ Lady times.

  3. Does “Alex” know that Monday, 9/3/12, is Labor Day and that any place with a receptionist will no doubt be closed?

  4. ^ Good call. Unless he isn’t American. And him putting ‘post’ instead of ‘position’ might be an indicator that he’s not American. But I could be wrong about that. What of it, my kind and loving Brit, Aussie and Canuck BFFs?

    Also, Alex is gay, because men shouldn’t be receptionists (unless Alex is short for Alexandra or something). And here it comes…

  5. The fact that he writes like a child who hasn’t finished elementary school indicates that he didn’t write that nice letter. Perhaps he should work on his writing skills so he can find the desk job of his dreams.

    I thought the letter was funny, though.

  6. I like that you’re all so liberal and assume that it’s a dude applying for a receptionist job, me I would have assumed that Alex is a chick or a flaming homo

  7. ^it’s not liberalism. it’s sexism.
    these gormless fuckers automatically assume everything is male – unless it is actively displaying genitalia. And even then sometimes…[/shakes head ruefully]

  8. Well, obviously Alex swiped the joke from elsewhere. If the rejection letter had no spelling errors but she failed to spell “to” correctly in the introductory sentence, I think we’re pretty safe in assuming that she doesn’t have the brain capacity to conceive of this idea, let alone put it into action.

  9. Isn’t it sexism to assume that only women hold jobs as receptionists?

  10. ^no. it’s actually documented fact that most receptionists are chicks.

    because boys can’t multitask 😀

  11. The ‘too’ is her confession that she swiped it. As in “I too will do this.” (pulls off sunglasses, squints to camera) Natural selection was her first rejection.

  12. I was made redundant Dec 2011 and you do get pretty tired of rejections, so I replied to one today with something similar to the post. The recruitment guy thought it was funny, still rejected my application though….

  13. ^ Nuh uh.

  14. @10 – Key word being “most”. The chance that Alex is a woman is probably about the same chance that a man is applying for a job as a receptionist.

  15. @ Nails: Canadians have Labour day too 🙂

  16. ^ditto ausfailure. I think. they keep changing shit around.

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