Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ah Sheet!

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  1. Good for disguising any accidents during your lady times..

  2. As long as those accidents happen on the pillow.

  3. lady. times.


    usually the LEAST ladylike time of the month, I’d reckon franky. Although yours seems like it could be interesting – do you sleep with your cunt on your pillow?

  4. Fuck yas all. Youse two haven’t seen what the bed sheets look like.

  5. oooh. tetchy! is someone having their ‘lady time’?

  6. That is so sexist. Can’t a bitch just be grumpy?

  7. What the fuck does a wife’s brother have to do with duvet selection? Never mind the Alabama/Tasmania/East Anglia inbred jokes…seriously if my brother in law was trying to make blood puddle linen selections in a public forum I’d be very fucking distressed.

  8. ^ Yeah, that seems irrelevant. Anyway, the sheets are kinda cool.

  9. ^ They sure are pretty cool…really will impress the ladies taking her home to those sheets.

  10. Right, probably freak ’em out… but they’re already married, so whatevs (as the kids say).

  11. Those sheets are for people in committed relationships, or “forever alone” guys. If a man brought a woman to his bed with those sheets on them, she’d most likely be scared and run for her life.

  12. ^and no female would ever buy them?

    the mindless patriarchy is strong in this one.

  13. You’re so presumptuous, beatus!

    If a man brought me to his bed with those sheets on them, I’d assume I’d snared a geek and/or zombie fan and proceed to have awesome sex, with cool conversations (and snacks) to follow.

  14. ^how’s that ‘open relationship’ working out for you?

  15. The exception should be the freaks that frequent Lamebook. We’re all crazy.

  16. ^That must be it coz I’m with Bacchante on this one.

  17. Zombies? I thought it was a Pantera concert!

  18. Actually, MsAnne, I do have to point out that a woman makes and sells those sheets

  19. I stopped caring. They’re really not that good.

  20. Is it weird that I’ve actually wanted these for quite some time, but I haven’t mentioned it to my husband because I don’t thing he’ll go for it?

  21. by weird, you mean ‘sad’?
    fuck him. it’s your bed, too. and I’m willing to bet cashmonies that it is you who has to do the fucking laundry.
    women’s liberation, my arse. why is nearly ALWAYS the chick who does the laundry? and men being shit at it is a piss-poor excuse.

  22. In my home, she prefers to do dishes, and I prefer to do laundry.

  23. FinishHimFlawlessVictory

    Would NOT run away if I was still in the dating game and saw these sheets. Guy would have gotten laid that night, on those sheets.

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