Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brain Pains

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  1. I’m 87% sure that Kevin meant Magellan the Magician. Nice try though, Edward.

  2. I’m 100% sure he should”ve said I’m gonna STEEEEVEERRRRR the fuck outta the test!

  3. Kevin and Mike from the “planet of the apes titty fingers” post, might be related.

  4. No, Steever. That person who got an IQ of 60 was the one who STEEEEVEERRRRRed the fuck outta the test.

  5. nah. steever just ate the crayons, then fell over and crapped his pants.

  6. Hey at least Kevin is trying.

    Poor Hannah, turning up bright and eager for her first day at a new job, wondering why the office is all locked up…

  7. ^ wondering why the *cabaret is all locked up…

  8. Oh, and it has “ben” a long time since anyone has said “ben” around here. Ben and fuckmustard.

  9. ^yeah, about a week at least.

  10. lol R.I.P. malteaser

  11. I hate stupid people.

  12. ^The way they close their eyes?

  13. ^ No, the way they breathe. Sorry, the fact that they breathe is more accurate. Also, their really, really strong hands.

  14. ^ the way into the unknown they can never seek and then they wonder why they never find?

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