Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!




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  1. Sounds like Sean doesn’t have a lot to be thankful for.

  2. lisa.. i’m thankful for my legs too

  3. @1, nah, I just think Sean is back home spending the holidays with good ol’ uncle Bobby. Ah….the good times to be had.

  4. Cumdog… What, do you like just recycle your comments into multiple threads? *Points at ‘Double the Fun.’* If so, that is friggin awesome.

  5. It would have been funnier Lisa if you had not been the one to submit it.
    Cumdog, I knew a great girl with A-cup titties, unfortunately I did not hit it although I tried. Oh how I tried. I think that was the main reason why.

  6. All i have to say about the pregnant chicks is “You’re doing it wrong”!

  7. Noobie, you are a noobie, Lisa didn’t submit it, it’s from a group so anyone can report it…. the other comments have it as well.

  8. #4 Ihave a thing for disliking repetitive comments, with that said, I’dhit you

  9. I just found that fan page… Lisa´s reply was doctored! It said legs and feet. What, are feet not funny? … even something was left off Georgies reply… what, no kisses?

  10. It sounds like Sean is having the thanksgiving of his dreams!!

  11. CumDog Millionaire

    Number 9, I’d hit it.

  12. CumDog Millionaire

    Are you French?

  13. #12 Yo let’s team up and beat the crap out of that #4mfkah, the internet way! Doesn’t hurt that much physically though.. not at all actually..

  14. No.

  15. #9 FTW

  16. They’ll need all the help they can get when they realize #12 and #4 are the same person.

  17. #17 Please read through the comments one more time and you’ll catch up on everything. Pay attention to wich users who posted what comments.

    #18 Please read #9.

  18. I’ll be the first one to admit when I’m being a dolt online so…oops, my bad. And as for “that guy with the clever name” obviously he’s figured out a way to get wi-fi under his bridge. Probably stealing it from the houses nearby so just ignore him. Clearly he doesn’t care enough to be original, witty, or have anything meaningful to bring to the table.

  19. CumDog Millionaire

    @perfectjargon. You picked up on that. Can’t understand why noone else did.

  20. Lisa sounds like a complete asshat, until you realise she most likely means prosthetic legs.

    That being said, a little clarification wouldn’t go astray…so yeah, maybe maybe she’s merely a partial asshat. Asscap, if you will.

  21. Ugh. Sean’s house is going to serve the worst Thanksgiving dinner ever.

  22. #20&#21 Explain yourselves please?

  23. CumDog Millionaire

    Comment 14

  24. The fan page is for wheelchairs, so I guess Lisa was saying she was thankful for her legs cause she wasn’t in a wheelchair? Idk.

  25. Sounds like Sean’s fellow inmates are going to be thankful for their cell’s new bitch.

  26. Whiney bitch needs to shut it.

  27. @Crystal: reach in there and pull it out

  28. hahaha fuckin Sean

  29. these are just lame, i mean not lame like they should be on lamebook just seem to be “inside” comments and not funny. Pregnant chicks say walk and have sex and the others sound genuinely handicapped and even I won’t go there. Lamebook = FAIL on this one

  30. Sorry Sean is kinda funny..the other two aren’t worthy

  31. Americans suck

  32. i am disappointed that the lamebook troll has not made an appearance in a little while

  33. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Meh. The first is pretty funny, but not great. The second one, it’s a no from me. I had a car accident a couple of years ago and broke both my legs so I’d probably write exactly the same thing. She might not even be being a twat. And the third one – breeders are boring, unless we see the blood water. Then it goes from being boring to fuck fuck rough.

  34. Not too great.
    Lame, lamebook. Pretty lame.

  35. confusing

  36. Thought about what Sean said. Got stupid that night, gets drunk, screwed a hooker (probably his best friend Ray), the rest is a missing scene, woke up naked covered in dry piss and maybe vomit. Probably thankful for not remembering what else he did that night.

  37. Wait, is Sean a hobo?

  38. I like turtles.

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