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  1. LOL! Im sure there is going to be a day when he will realize that. But right now he is a filthy little creature. He wants to play in the tub with his boats not wash his bits.

  2. Haha give him a few years then i am sure the boats in the tub will become slightly less interesting 😛

  3. LOL! I wont be able to get him out of the tub/shower then. The water bill will be outrageous. 🙂

  4. It doesn’t even pull back until he’s a couple of years old. I’d assume you’re telling him what to wash until then anyhow. Obviously your husband hasn’t had a problem and 99% of men don’t either. The other 1% get a totally curable bacterial infection and learn their lesson. (Also, “Me”: I read your post as if your husband did it to himself, so that’s what I meant for pressure) Not sure why your husband running into women who didn’t like it would make a difference. That means there’s something wrong with the women, not him. The sexual fetishes of older women is not a reason to even consider plastic surgery on a baby. Also, I don’t have parental issues, I love them. They just made a very bad and ill-informed decision (there’s NO REASON to do it to a baby) that wasn’t theirs to make and I cannot forgive them for that (I’m in my 20s, so they don’t have the excuse that they didn’t know better, parents had already stopped doing it in big numbers). They apologized, because they knew they did the wrong thing and the doctor never told them that there was no reason, so I blame him for negligence more. Trust me, most circumcised men don’t like it, but they feel like they have to pretend to. I can’t think of any reason to like being circumcised and the complications are far more serious than with a foreskin. I cannot imagine doing that to my kid, I really can’t. There’s NO reason to do it to a child. Adults can do whatever weird crap they want to themselves. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TIFFANY, DON’T DO IT. HE’LL THANK YOU LATER, I PROMISE!!

  5. I know several young boys and men that needed to be snipped later in life. That is way more traumatic. You do what you want with your kids as we did with ours. Its a personal choice either way. I dont judge those who dont do it. I dont agree when people pierce baby girl ears. Do I think them terrible parents? Nope I might not like it but its their choice. So thats all I gots to say about this. I cant put it back and he is no worse for wear. He has bigger issues to think about then why his penis looks a certain way. Like what pokemon is his favourite etc.

  6. The chances of needing it done later are way less than %1, so that’s not a reason to do it to a child either (quite the contrary, to circumcise a boy for that reason, you’re almost without exception trying to prevent something that’ll never happen and instead putting him at higher risk for infections and more surgeries as a result. I know many boys who look like they got it caught in a knife fight, but they don’t have anything they can do, I would think that would be even more traumatic). I agree that it’s a personal choice…but for the boy. I don’t understand how piercing ears is anything like circumcision, it’s not even similar (tiny removable ring v. irreparable dick surgery on a baby?), so not sure how to respond to that. As a circumcised male myself, I disagree that he’s no worse for wear and I doubt he’s going to take it as lightly as you do, but I guess the damage is done, that much is true. In general, I just wish parents would have more respect for their children and more doctors would be responsible enough to say honestly “sorry this is just wrong, there’s no reason to do it.” Personally, it disgusts me. I don’t judge the parents either, I just cannot for the life of me figure out the motivation. Ah, well, some day this fetish will pass. I’m happily done discussing this as well. I can only hope the price made Tiffany take the responsible route.

  7. You know Im done talking about dicks as well. You really need to move on though man. Go get laid.

  8. Im pretty sure the boy wants to have a say in wheter or not you cut a piece of his penis off.

  9. You know you people are showing way to much interest in someone else’s penis. Im just as bad for putting it out there that he got snipped but for Christs sake its skin. Ok just a piece of skin! Would you get mad at your parents if you had to have your tonsils removed? They were a part of you too. Maybe people who have them are happier? Now you wont know bc you no longer have them. Or maybe you are just as good as everyone else and need to move the fuck on and get over it.

  10. @ “Me”: They way you refer to your kid doesn’t really make it sound as if you respect him all that much. Would you wish for your parents to have that kind of attitude towards you?

  11. Me what did you expect? You brought it up in a public forum (lamebook of all places) did you not expect some scrutiny? I for one wouldn’t give my child the snip, there is just not enough medical evidence to justify my child having to go through a surgical procedure regardless of risk factors. Citing better hygiene as a reason for this operation is laughable, it is not hard to keep a penis clean.

  12. @ Cassie: I have loads of love and respect for my son. He is a boy all boys like to be dirty. They love bugs and filth, and yes he can be a flithy little monkey. Doesnt mean I dont love or respect him. Attitude? I see my kids for what and who they are. I dont wear rose colored glasses. Too many parents are blind to their kids and only see what they want to see.

    As for scrutiny I dont give a fuck what you people think of me. If I did do you think I would even be on here? And surgical procedure? It was done in the doctors office. It was no big deal. His biggest issue was that his lunch time bottle was delayed. He was completly frozen and felt nothing. You know what I’ll knit whoever was snipped and pissed a penis cozy so you wont feel left out. Also if you want to bitch about how horrible I am, I also made my husband get a vasectomy. No penis/balls is safe around me I guess. You all spout the same garbage. A penis is a penis it all works the same regardless of the skin on it.

  13. I like turtles.

  14. hey “me”, go watch some youtube videos of babies being circumcised and see if you don’t change your mind. It is pure and utter torture, and nothing more. I’m so glad you are so happy to have tortured your child, oh but wait, it’s ‘just skin’, right? Wrong. Thank God they are too young to remember it, but if anyone were to see it done, they would have to be a psychopath to ever feel alright having it done to one of their children.

  15. Hey you know what I guess I am then. Hell I sat with my husband while he got a vasectomy. Watched the whole procedure. I loves me some penis operations.

  16. I don’t see the point in chopping off healthy, functional, sensitive, NORMAL tissue. Foreskin is there for a reason. It’s not “just a piece of skin.”

  17. @47 – comparitively to other exs, I mean!

  18. Insane – sick and twisted, I love it, Keep it up

  19. 69 my favourite number. Thankyou i will try. Although the number 69 + talking about penis’s . . . i dont know where i was going with that, but i do have the urge to eat a hotdog! More tomato sauce, MORE!

  20. Yeah, the hygiene argument is pretty much like pulling out a baby’s fingernails so he doesn’t forget to keep them clipped and clean.

  21. @Me: Although you’re completely wrong about it being “just skin,” let’s put that aside for a second. Would you be okay with it if a completely pointless operation were performed on you without your consent?
    Now let’s add in the fact of what the foreskin actually is. It represents about HALF the erogenous tissue of the penis. It contains specialized nerves and maintains the NATURAL mucous membrane of the head of the penis, keeping it healthy and natural and sensitive.
    The original arguments in America for circumcision were about stopping masturbation. America currently has one of the highest rates of Circ in the world, and no, circumcision is NOT highly prevalent all over the world. Jewish and Muslim people do it, and so do Americans, but more people in the world realize that there are no medical reasons to do it, so if it is not your faith, it is unnecessary.
    Maybe if something similar were done to you, and you didn’t have any choice in the permanent mutilation of your sexual organs, you’d feel differently.

    On a different note, I find it odd that you say you “made” your husband get a vasectomy.

  22. “It’s a Doberman. Let it have its ears!” -Lindsay Bluth

    Seriously, though, it’s the parents’ decision. Chill out, anti-circumcision lobby. A tiny piece of skin whose absence does not harm or impair the genitals? Really not that big of a deal. There are far, far worse things being done to humans in this world that perhaps deserve your passionate attention moreso than this non-issue.

    @Me (#66) – Aww, the doctor wouldn’t let me watch my husband’s vasectomy. 🙁

  23. it really helps to keep it clean…when boys are young they dont do such a great job and if they have to pull the skin back well…..nasty things can happen…just sayin

  24. @Lameness: After what I did to bring our 2 children into this world, the chemicals etc I had ingested, injected and inserted to prevent children between child one and child two, I had done enough. I told him it was his turn. So yeah enough was enough. He had it done and he is no worse for wear. And really I stand by what and what is done is done. The kid is no worse for wear anymore then his Dad is.

    @cunninglinguist: It was both awesome and horrifying. I saw things that you can never unsee. The puffs of smoke that came up as the doctor cauterized his pipes was kind of cool/as was the look of horror on my husbands face when he saw them wafting off his balls.

    BTW half the people brow beating me about this probably dont have sons and they can say all the want but if wifey wants j.r snipped they will probably go along with her choice. I wanted my son done but left the final decision to my hubby.

  25. mandatory foot binding and hormone treatment for all girls at birth regardless of religion and parental consent.

  26. @ Me (#51) Why don’t you wash it for him? If he is old enough to make his own decisions and still doesn’t wash himself maybe it should just fall off because he’s not taking care of his assets.

  27. How long can you wash your sons penis before it gets creepy? Besides being clean is only one of the reasons. I didnt get him snipped for that reason alone and frankly Im done talking penis on here. Unless someone wants to email pics of thier penis and then we can talk about that.

  28. @Me: I think it would start getting creepy when your son starts enjoying it. Wow when you put it like that, go the circumcision!

  29. LOL! People bash me for snipping him and expect me to go wash his junk instead. Boys are filthy until they discover girls and axe body spray.

  30. Yes once we find the women we tend to clean ourselves up in hope that we may get laid. Amen!
    Seriously it is not up to people to judge you for getting your son the snip. I am guessing that you would have done some research prior to getting it done, so you would have been aware of most medical complications etc. Seriously if i has a choice i would have had mine done when i was younger. No conscious pain. Anyway, Me, fuck the close minded haters. DO what i do. Smile, nod, and don’t listen to a word they say.

  31. I dont get why that the are so pissed over this. Really I think some people need to chill the fuck out. And it doesnt bother me anyhow. Its not like I can crazy glue it back on. And I did discuss it with my doctor and husband for pretty much my whole pregnancy. I didnt have a boy and then rub my hands in anticipation of getting his foreskin lopped off. It was one of the hardest things I had to sit through. I thought he was yelling in pain. He was yelling cause he was hungry. His doodle was sooo numb he had no pain at all. He ate his bottle and while doing it looked at me and yelled and then looked at his dad and yelled. It was almost like he was giving us shit for disturbing his schedule. And really I do think half of them hating dont have kids and can only speak for what they want. Their partner may have a different idea.

  32. my point exactly. the haters think it is something you have done for pleasure. they dont realise how hard it is on the parents as well. fuck them. you, your husband and your doctor (the person having studied human physiology for years on end) have made the right decision for your family. Fuck the people who dont agree.

  33. Has anyone ever blown a circumcised boner?

    I vote circumcision

  34. I am ALL for Circumcision, it is cleaner, and, as stated previously in this thread – it makes a man last longer cause it sort of “de-sensitizes” the penis. FTW!

  35. Svetlana ~ You just said you want to lessen a guys pleasure in order to prolong your own? Um, wow that sounds really freaking selfish.

    My guy is uncircumcised, he has no problem lasting and his hygiene is impeccable. Seriously, it’s not usually necessary to remove the foreskin (though there are some cases in which it is). Female genitalia contains all sorts of folds as well. If you learn how to wash properly and regularly, this whole hygiene argument is bs. It’s NATURAL for a guy to have foreskin.

  36. I think Chris the Pedophile from the previous post will do it for free.

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