Monday, November 9, 2009

Wareing Me Out


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  1. @spoder
    Yeh the group consists mainly of australians, they talk about perth and sydney girls etc
    I say ‘eh’ sometimes and i’m not bogan or country, its just a habit they have in North QLD and i lived there too long.
    Natarsha is bogan and as bad as names with hyphens, brayden braden and baden, shayla, Tenisha, Raelene, Madison, ashlyn….its just cruel and awful.

  2. Score- i found her comment on the group and there are 39 comments on her post also…she has changed her name to ‘Tarshiie Rose Skyee Summerr ‘
    If you are interested its on nov. 3.

  3. @KK – sorry, I meant you when I said ‘@144’, not ‘back at myself’ (the numbers thing doesn’t work so well for me as my screen doesn’t display them properly)…

    @girl – Ha, yep, that sounds about right. I live in Perth, and I think I’ve seen this girl (or her generic equivalent) at some of the outer suburban shopping centres.

    Not having a go at anyone for the ‘eh’ – lots of Aussies do it and I know it’s a local thing.

    Hahahahah @ the names list. Couldn’t agree more. Particularly the Brayden, Baden, Boden, Bodie, Brodie, Body variety. Woeful.

  4. I have never seen someone manage to fuck up the spelling of “definition” that bad before.

  5. she most probably misspelled her name as well=P
    and dudes, we’re not talking typos here, but ‘defanisions’ of spelling being harshly broken..buahaha.

  6. “Knowing *every single* rule of written english might actually take away from the brain space needed to function in day to day life.”

    LMAO… Oh god, my Idiot Detector just broke!

  7. Jesus. Get an education before trying to defend yourself eh?
    ROFLOLZWTFBBQEXTREME im having a laughing seizure

  8. She cannot possibly be from the UK. Having only slept with two guys by the age of 12/13 would practically make her a virgin by UK standards! To be a slut in the UK, you need to be at around 5 guys by 13, or you are totally going to fall short. Or be expecting her second child.

    Prostitots!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!

  9. @welshraz
    “To be a slut in the UK, you need to be at around 5 guys by 13, or you are totally going to fall short.” LMAO.
    Isn’t it around 13 that you start trying for the second child in an attempt to procure the council house?

  10. @ nor’n monkey

    Too true! The list for council housing has a check box for it.

    “You’re 13 and you don’t have two children? No council house for you!! Get back out there and procreate!”

    On a Monday, you can’t even move in the Post Office because it’s crammed with twelve year olds pushing their double prams, picking up their child benefit and discussing who they shagged over the weekend.

  11. I’m calling kiwi.

  12. Yup, cuz people who don’t know the “defanision” on whore are the stupid ones.

    Almost certainly a New Zealander through the use of “ay.”

    And I’m saying that as neither a good nor bad thing.

  13. Additionally, has anyone else noticed the riot that is “indivualality?!”

  14. “unless u no the defanision dont say it coz u make ur self look stupid”


  15. if i was her parent and i saw this, i swear to god i wouldn’t let this chick leave the house until she could spell every word on that correctly.

    also, natarsha sounds like what you would say if you’re making fun of a girl named natasha. her parents made the lives of her friends easier and more enjoyable

  16. Oh my god, her name is a type-o!!

  17. What a SLUT!

  18. Dear God. I didn’t even spell this poorly when I was five.

  19. I had book published by her age. Tragic how education is failing society.

  20. had a book

  21. What’s this 13 year old doing sleeping with multiple guys anyway??

  22. @171
    What’s this 13 year-old doing sleeping with ANYONE anyway? Seriously.

  23. wen ur 12 u can only sleep wit 2
    wen ur 13, then u get 3
    14, 4
    15, 5
    16, 6
    17, 7
    18, 8
    19, 9
    20, 10

    ectt 😉

  24. 3’s company, 4’s an orgy

  25. Natarsha,
    I’d call you a cunt but you lack depth and warmth.. And a freaggin’ brain.

    I am pretty sure when I was your age I was worried about my first kiss and I was called a slut for that. Jesus, these kids have no morals.

  26. #16
    McFourteenth November 9th, 2009 at 8:17 am


    McFourteenth November 9th, 2009 at 8:18 am

    Dang, beaten to it.

    How lame! LOL

  27. Dude! I guess I am a total slut!

    Scary thing is… these people are out there and ONE DAY THEY WILL BREED!

    Can’t they sterilise people like this at birth?

    Nuff said!

  28. How is this girl not on “Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”

  29. Spending more time learning spelling and grammar would serve you better than sleeping with boys me thinks dear!!

  30. Thank god this slut finally cleared up the definition of the 12 year old slut. I was just wondering to myself the other day the definition of a 12 year old slut when I realized nobody gives a fuck and 12 year olds shouldn’t be fucking anybody anyways!

  31. holy fucking shit. I don’t even know how to feel about this.

  32. your spelling and grammar make you look even more stupid..and like a whore 🙂

  33. anyone else thinks it’s messed up that a 13 yr has already had sex with two guys?

    Does she even have her period yet?

  34. She clearly isn’t even aware of what a period is. (Both the monthly kind and the punctuation kind).

  35. I am from Aus, and so is that skank, more than likely. I know of a 14 year old who GENUINELY doesn’t think she is a slut and has OPENLY had sex with 5 DIFFERENT guys over 16. She is disgusting. Most of her myspace shots are of her drunk or with cleavage out. Nasty.

  36. I really think that you should be able to spell simple words before having sex. Or possibly just get to high school first?

  37. I think her spelling errors are her mother’s fault. why would you spell her name NATARSHA?

  38. cuz a 13 yr old who has slept with 2 people isnt a slut?

  39. I happen to know this girl and her name is spelt right. What gives any of you the right to judge someone on the way their name is spelt…….GROW UP!
    And if you read the post correctly she is trying to make a point, that young girls are called sluts on what they wear, not how mant times they have had sex. I know for a fact that this girl has not had sex with anyone. She is also trying to define the real meaning of “slut”. I suggest you all take the time to look up the word in your dictionaries because some of you would find the meaning of yourselves. Its sad that young girls feel that they have to justify themselves on a pathetic site like FB. Who are we or you to judge anyone, take a look at your own lives past and present.
    Oh, and some of the comments on here show just how simple minded and pathetic some adults really are.

  40. who cares what she’s trying to say? she sounds stupid. why does she even have a facebook when she’s 12?

  41. Kassidy read her post again…….duh……….SHES 13 =P

  42. 13 year old sluts should not be allowed near a computer if they cannot bloody spell!!!
    It is not fair to say that places like Australia and New Zealand (mainly Australia im defending) solely communicate in text speak. Granted there are morons here, but there are also alot of morons who use text speak fluently who reside in the US

  43. I think she actually spelled her name wrong too …

  44. she is a dumb whore.. i mean seriously??? not even im like that… 13 and has already slept with 2 guys.. me compared to her… gosh.. id so win…

  45. somebody give her a dictionary!

  46. John Players Standard

    What kind of fucking moron parent names their child Natarsha??? Nadarsha!

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