Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Spell Check Yourself

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  1. Oprah: “And you’re all going home with a free chandelier!”

  2. ^ And nightmares!

  3. Sterilize Jess immediately.

  4. jess thinks her scrapbooking class is tertiary education. bless.

  5. It pains me deeply that one cannot fix idiots. And by fix I mean neuter and spay.

    Kanye said the thing that causes him the most pain is that he’ll never get to see himself perform live.

    1. I can’t imagine that’s more painful than having your head up your ass.

    2. How does he see anything beyond his duodendum?

    3. And yes, I’m creating my own topics because the topics here lately have been right shit! Besides, it’s a lovely segue.

  6. what is a a ‘Kanye’?

    never heard of it…

  7. I envy that you don’t know but I must ask. Are you like Tony Stark that you’ve created incredibly technology (with WiFi) in a cave in Afghanistan? And if you ask who is Tony Stark or what is WiFi I’ll travel day and night to Aussie Town and give you such a pinch!

  8. ^You’ve gone to the trouble of capitalizing the correct letters of WiFi, twice, but haven’t bothered to double check incredible – I find this incredibly.

  9. I noticed that and left it just to see what turd would comment.
    And it would be ‘didn’t bother’, smellhole. Oh, by the way, you’ve got a lttle brown stuff on your nose.

  10. jesus, will you fuckers stop fighting? this is hardly the place for it.

  11. we’re trying to have serious discussions here. about stuff.

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