Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time for Type

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  1. Ben!

    Also, I mentioned ‘to catch a predator’ only the other day..mmmm…am I Frodo?

  2. Most definately

  3. Jesus can put his cunt on me whenever he likes.

  4. Kayla is damn lucky. I haven’t had sloppy hoes in a while.

  5. I too, on occasion, like to shoot poo.

  6. Me too. It’s really fun with two or more people.

  7. I’m shootin’ some poo as we speak! Did I just go there? Fuck yeah I did.

  8. I don’t get the Tess thing…

  9. Shooting some poo!!! what do you think I am? A monkey?.. Oh yea that’s right, my mistake… Please carry on!

  10. seriously with the tess thing? Tesstess, pretty close to testes! U get it now?

  11. Yeah Wallace, we get it.

    By the way, don’t feel bad about being Wallace. I was Wallace just the other day. Wear it like a badge of honor.

  12. I love the last one. It makes me think of Dan Fargis fondly…..ok not fondly

  13. Saam? Really? I can’t keep up with all these new-fangled name spellings.

  14. sloopy hoes is all around us

  15. Sloppy hoes are my favorite ones

  16. What the fuck is slooopy hoes? I get that it sounds like a Dutch prostitute with a dripping STD, I just don’t get what they might have actually meant.

  17. Sloppy joes. Which, to be fair, is a really disgusting name for a food to begin with.

  18. I too miss my testes…I really regret having the surgery. I’m just not the man I used to be. 🙁

    I like to beat my hoes before I prepare to eat them and sloop up their juices.

  19. does anybody have a recipe for sloopy hoes? i can’t find one anywhere…

  20. As mentioned in a more recent post, I have Thai Ho Fun available for just £4 a serving. Hit me up for your Sloopy Hoes – it says on the menu that you can ask for any dish and they’ll make it.

    Can someone explain exactly what a sloppy joe is using incredibly long words? I have eaten them before, in Egypt (for some reason), and I just kinda have this weird memory that they’re kind of like chilli in a bun, with no chilli, and are messy. Sloopy hoes indeed.

  21. lol the thai ho fun (just read that one a minute ago and spewed out my soda). you’ve got to order it once just to see. :-p

    sloppy joes – ground beef and minced onions cooked in a tomatoe-y/bbq-y kind of sauce, eaten on a hamburger bun. really really yummy, unlike the sloppy hoes…

  22. shanfla – Yeah, I think I will order some Ho Fun, there’s a few varieties. I’ll let you guys know.

    Mmm sloppy joes sound nice actually. I’m hungry now 🙂

  23. undergroundtunnel

    Britishhobo sucks.

  24. underground tunnel:


  25. Oh, fistfuck my ear and call me Louise.. I meant underminers*

  26. BritishHobo sucks.

  27. you do not suck mate –
    it is he who sucks goat cocks
    with demonic AIDS.

  28. I find undergroundtunnel’s screenname to be quite ironic given the recent events in Chile. I also find that their contribution to this thread (and many others) sucks.

  29. undergroundtunnel

    @laureltx okay retart. ive had this username for quite some time..
    you suck worse.

    BritishHobo sucks.

  30. Is it just me, or does it seem like an inordinate number of people have eaten a super sized portion of Sugar-Frosted Bitch Flakes lately?

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