Thursday, October 14, 2010


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  1. Dreadful.

  2. I liked the cut of Tamsin’s jib. I like a girl who appreciates date rape drugs. I might befriend her and make her my lesbianh lover.

  3. I enjoyed the last one actually 🙂
    Everyone appreciates a good date rape, as long as there not the ones being raped of course

  4. Beautiful…

  5. Dislike!

  6. A jab at Twilight, an old meme, and a joke about shit.

    Lewis my man, it’s truly a great day to be alive.

  7. HAHAHAHA @ Tony!

    That was awesome.

  8. oh hobo, you didn’t like it. it’s new to me …. I’m sorry 🙁 on a brighter note i liked the shit joke and you’re ranting on another post

  9. LOL’d at Evan, beat up chuck norris, I can always laugh at a good Chuck Norris joke!

  10. #3 made me lol. I don’t know if it’s my lack of sleep due to the baby or if it really WAS funny….but I’m still suppressing a giggle while writing this. It’s like I’m back in kindergarten.

  11. The last one made me giggle a little… lol. He thought he was having a good day but noooooo his friends just had to have better…. even if they were joking…. they just couldn’t let him have it…. lmao.

  12. and oh ya… those motion sensor lights are a doosy…. lmao.

  13. Finally, funny posts

    I’d take $300 over a baby or getting hitched, but of course nothing beats beating the guy that beat Chuck Norris!

  14. @saffer, that was my point exactly!

  15. The lights in my old office’s restrooms were motion sensors; I too have rescued someone from pooping in the dark. Unlike Tony’s random encounter though, this was a co-worker so I harassed him something fierce about being in there so long.

    Also, Evan didn’t beat up Chuck Norris, Chuck let him think he won. The impending roundhouse kick will be that much more of a surprise now. Chuck takes “lying in wait” to a new level.

  16. hahaha im tony guys. man that was the most awkward shit ever. walking into a dark restroom…lights come on and a serious “thank you” from the stall in the corner……………

  17. curlybap, why are you sorry? :p

  18. 😛

    Capital P. Fuck you.

  19. Chuck Norris is overrated.

  20. haha fuck that capital P 😛

  21. I guess I can only be thankful that you didn’t take your rant out on me for the old meme thing. you must be a sweetie really 😉

  22. Hobo, I am so with you on this one..


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