Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miner Issues

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  1. Yay, puns and innuendos!

  2. Way to block Kostas Kanellopoulos’ surname, Lamebook.

  3. Kanellopoulos. Rolls off the tongue.

  4. crap puns and innuendos! these guys really think they’re funny?

  5. Kosta is still damn funny tho!

    The housemate one was also a little chuckle

  6. Borderline funny and by borderline, I mean not at all.

    Kostas Kanellopoulos’ – Crazy name, crazy guy.

  7. Kostas stole his line from day9tv… just sayin’.

  8. you’d think that with a name like Kostas Kanellopoulos you’d be sure to find him, but there’s actually 47 of them on facebook. Maybe it’s the Greek John Smith?

    Oh and, before someone says it’s lame to look lamebookers up on facebook – guilty as charged, I don’t add them or harrass them, it’s just some weird curiosity thing…

  9. None of these were remotely funny. My eight year old nephew was coming up with funnier ones yesterday whilst watching it.

  10. yeah, Kosta’s status has been doing the rounds, even here in England. All the girls on my FB were posting about how they sat there crying!! It’s very sweet. I like that my girlfriends are so easily touched 🙂

    However, in BIGGER NEWS, MArgaret Thatcher is STILL ALIVE. I think we should put her in the mine and force her to live another 20 years by eating her own hair, or possible just slowly fill it up with the materials used to make thatch roofing.

  11. Took ages to bring all 33 to the surface, but hardly surprising when they can only bring them up Juan by Juan.

  12. Breaking news: All 33 of the trapped miners have been rescued from the bunker. Among them was Osama bin Laden, who had been there the whole time.

  13. I bet they sang “We are the Juans and only.. can’t wait to get out of here!!”

  14. Those comments of Kostas Kanellopoulos have been pretty much stolen straight from Twitter.

  15. Actually, Greg’s comment about the Pope was sensational. 😀

  16. 33 minors found & not one of them were Maddie, the search continues…

  17. So glad they rescued them from Chili’s too, Joshua, it was starting to ruin my mean

  18. So glad they rescued them from Chili’s too, Joshua, it was starting to ruin my meal

  19. the first lot out of the mine said they wanted to go to anfield to give roy hodgsons some advice on how to get out of a great big fucking hole before xmas

  20. @glamazonqueen, totally agree. Greg FTW!

  21. @curly – lol! even though it brings a tear to my eye. Poor Roy – it’s not his fault Liverpool’s up shit creek with nary so much as a stolen paddle.

  22. I do LOL this time.

  23. Elliot stole his joke from Peter Serafinowicz’s twitter.

  24. It’s always funny until someone brings out the ‘pope’s a paedophile’ jokes. Wasn’t even fucking related, they might as well have just gone ‘I KNOW WE’RE JOKING ABOUT THE MINERSUT I’M AN UNORIGINAL CUNTFLAP AND I ONLY GOT ONES ABOUT THE POPE FUCKING KIDS’.

  25. LMAO…Hobo….cuntflap… oh dear…now I worry I will have cuntflaps when I’m 80. =( Perhaps I can be like Dumbo?

  26. Most of these Chilean Miner status updates are lifted straight from sickipedia, which just shows a lack of creativity

  27. That would be one awesome pay cheque if you just clock out then. Then again, they are probably paid shit all. On another note, their President will most likely be re-elected for how he approached the situation with open arms. Who wouldn’t re-elect someone giving dirty miners hugs as they each made it out?

  28. I actually thought some of these were funny.
    But then again, I’m easily amused…

  29. Sara both wins and loses: she wins for excellent use of the Chili’s jingle, and loses for getting the damn thing stuck in my head now.

  30. Keona, are you saying you don’t have cuntflaps now?

  31. Three words Keona: nip and tuck!

  32. @Inyrogatling
    Maybe making miner puns/jokes isn’t for you….

  33. fucking stupid man

  34. LMAO Keona

  35. @30 No, I don’t. When you see the word flap associated with anything, it indicates the object being long and droopy enough to flop/ flap around in the wind..I should hope I don’t at 21. O_o

    @Saffer Nip and tuck just like how boys hide boners? nice.

    Perhaps I could become freakishly anorexic, and become a human kite with my future flaps. Anyone know the location of some good gusts? 😉 I can look down and see my grandchild look upon my daughter and say, with all seriousness: “Look mommy, I’m flying grandma again! :D”

  36. MY GOD KEONA you may just be the coolest girl alive. I think I love you *wells up*

    adding the word ‘cunt’ as a prefix to any other word makes a superword that is brilliant. I wish I was a lexicographer. I would be adding cunt words into the dictionary all the time. I’d call it my Cunt and Dicktionary. After all, we live in feminist times.


  37. @ comments re 29, lolol…. i was thinking the same thing!!

  38. i think i just fell in love with kostas…

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