Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unsexy Status

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  1. You stay classy, Tim


  3. Jason – nice. That’s a fucking ridiculous comparison.

    You wouldn’t drive without a vehicle, so don’t have sex without a condom!

  4. I might’ve thrown up a little in my mouth on that last one

  5. Reading the last one was like watching NASCAR. I didn’t want to keep reading, but I thought something gross and horrific would happen.

    It did.

    I win?

  6. @BritishHobo. Would having sex without a condom for a while, then putting one on once you feel like it’s about to blow be the boning equivilant of driving and taking both hands off the wheel to turn around and talk to somebody in the back seat?

  7. You win.

  8. dirtylittlepretty

    i loled at Jason, but then again I have been amusing myself with dumb shit all day.

  9. @BritishHobo, wouldn’t driving without a vehicle be more like having sex without a penis?

  10. Bernie sounds a little bitter…..

  11. @EmKitteh
    i could be wrong but i think that was his point. it’s another stupid comparison.

  12. Oh, I see… Anyway, I’d have sex without a penis.

  13. And if nobody ever had sex without a condom, the birthrate would drop dramatically.

  14. Hey everyone please tell me honestly what you think of me?…

    I like everyone’s attention on me because I love attention seeking.

  15. no comment….

  16. Again I say either anon has broken character or the name stealing is back again. Oh Lamebook, please make sure its not the second one, yeah?

  17. Hobo, I agree with you and Jason.
    But I would definitely skydive without a chute if I were James Bond.

  18. Only tainted tuna and parmesan smell like herpes!

  19. I would skydive without a parachute if you just had a small chance of dying. I hate it when Barry White is blaring out of the aircraft PA, my bathrobe is whipping in the breeze and I’m at the gate, all raring to go and the instructor says “oh come on Jack, I’m sure we’ve got one in your size”

  20. Jason needs to have a threesome with Ruth and Mel. and @#13: LMFAO

  21. Jack, why would you skydive in a bathrobe?

  22. someone need to utilize this for

  23. We’ve had the Tim one on here at least once before.

  24. Bernie must have had some very bad tuna and parmesan sandwiches in his time. Either that or he is an extremely vengeful SOB. Or perhaps he is the kind of guy who just doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up.

  25. I really like you, Jason.

    Bernie, those symptoms definitely sound more like bacterial vaginosis, not herpes. Regardless, your friend’s vag is a hellhole.

    By the way, that is not the authentic gayisgay. Trust me.

  26. Nice to have friend’s like Bernie who look out for you by volunteering your vag to be compared to someone else’s.

  27. Did someone just call gayisgay a isgayisgay… touchΓ©.

  28. @mad2physicist, well it was more about the comparison, but if you have to ask… perhaps you’ve not considered the Venturi effect of the thigh geometry and wind pressure, which combined with resonance, produces copious flapping. Think Tacoma Narrows Bridge, but oh so much faster. It’s like a reacharound at Mach 1.

  29. Jason, you the man. Hmmm no drama to wake up to this morning? πŸ™

  30. @shaun – Fuck right off with your crappy spamming. Yeah I seen you, you little spammer you.

    So who is anonisgayisgay? More importantly, who gives a flying fuck?

    …and Hobes is a borderline douche.

  31. Yey some ranting to start the morning off, that’s better πŸ™‚

  32. Ewwwwwww. Just yuck yuck yuck *mouthpuke* ewwwww at the highly descriptive description of herpes. Dudes, it’s like Tracy fucking Emin wrote that on a wall in her own discharge and entered it into the fucking Turner Prize. I like tim though, it’s a skilled father who combines sleaziness, sex education and humour in one short facebook comment. Bravo, Tim. Bravo.

    How are you all today cupcakes?

  33. I would say fresh, lively, energetic with a keen work ethic but I would be lying, so I won’t.

  34. Mornin loma, i’m just peachy thanks. Looking forward to trying to protect that poor goat from all the gangbanging in your back garden! You’re on form again today πŸ˜‰

  35. I’m half Caribbean so the goat is either for fucking or cooking. I guess we’ll need sustenance at some point, so I’ll put the goat in a pot and make curried goat. BUT – don’t tell Kizoka or whatever his name was.

    @Para – I know how you feel. My to-do list for work is spread out all over my desk, but the freelance stuff I am working on keeps crying out to me, going all “Loma!! Loooma!! We are more fun!! We will earn you more money than work!!! STOP IGNORING US!!” And I’m kinda shouting back in my head, but not too loud, “I’m not but please sweet jesus let me get some work out of the way and I’ll deal with you later!!”

  36. Just to clarify, the only reason I am posting on here is to validate myself. Validate me goddamit.

    Dependent on whether we are using the goat for fucking or cooking:-
    Fucking a goat
    Fucking A, goat

    I’ll provide the ‘special’ sauce.

  37. Paranoid, I am aware of and believe in your existence.


  38. Is Bernie like a cross between Bert and Ernie?

  39. loma, you aren’t by chance half-Trinidadian, are you?

  40. Whether it’s fucking a, goat or fucking a goat – i’ll be taking part in neither. Save me some of your special sauce though won’t you Paranoid?

  41. *looks in, says something out of context and highly embarrassing*

    “I’ll get my goat”

  42. @june, no, dominican republic whatwhat! My maternal DNA-donor is from Santo Domingo. How come?

    @curly, you can be the cameraperson then.

  43. Just curious, Loma. I’m a Trini :).

    I’ve been to Santo Domingo once, it’s very cool.

  44. …and that’s another ‘portion’ of ‘special’ sauce done. Fuck me, I’m going blind.

  45. you’re just too kind πŸ˜‰

  46. Do you need some help combing your palm hairs, Para?

    @Duke – That just gets my goat.

    @June – coolio πŸ™‚ we are proving that Lamebook is non-discriminatory! YES for us. Screw you, inequality, only bigoted verbal beatings of morons here πŸ˜€

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