Wednesday, April 18, 2012


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  1. i can see a pair of cartoon characters here.
    syndi and the slug.

    now, say something amusing, fuckers.
    if you can.

  2. something amusing, fuckers

  3. ^you suck at the funny.

  4. you suck at alcohol remedies

  5. nope. based on your enduring butthurt, i’d have to say – negatory.

  6. which is incredibly ironic coming from someone who just went back 12 pages…of lamebook posts…to continue a frankly ridiculous campaign of insults…but whatevs mate!
    butthurt? you are the definition of butthurt. it’s plain to see, msanne.
    your alcohol remedy sucks, msanne!

  7. this is where you could really see the cracks starting to set in on ol’ slug.

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