Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You’ve Got a Future

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  1. Yes. Yes. I can see how it would be easy to confuse typing instead of, with the same number of letters and all. And the design of both websites are so identical, I can see how he would accidentally do this.

    Funny… but unfortunately fake (sorry T100)

  2. this person could have search bars in their tool bars…

  3. #1 It’s not necessarily fake. Some people use words like “literally”, “accidentally”, “etc.”, etc. to sound cool.

    By the way, [i]deliberately[/i] go to and enter “does anyone” (without quotes), and look at the search suggestions. 😀

  4. Here’s what I got:

    Does anyone have a copy of a Volkswagen repair invoice from a dealer
    Does anyone have pictures of Karina Smirnoff Playboy pictures
    Does anyone have Conan the Barbarian: Dagger
    Does anyone still use AOL

    Oh, and the answer is yes.

  5. Correct, GoodGodNo.

  6. It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves

  7. ^ get some new material.

  8. His new material is a mimetic poly alloy. Liquid metal.

  9. It’s not fake… people have search bars installed into their tool bars on their browsers. It’s not an odd phenomenon.

  10. Oh hello sydnilouise93… nice to see you’ve taken a break from your hectically busy “life” to enlighten us with your comments.

  11. I’m willing to withdraw my fake statement!

  12. i’m kind of hesitantly excited about the forthcoming combustion of sydni.
    but i don’t want to get too excited, because i fear she will be a massive fucking let-down.
    still – fingers crossed.

  13. I said to get a life from being mean, not Lamebook… sorry for the confusion!

  14. BeboStunnah2kai12

    But being mean is a way of life?

    It is what our troll overlords want us to do.

  15. I suppose so! lol

  16. BeboStunnah2kai12

    So therefore you do not have a life?

  17. ^o_0 holy sweet fuck.

  18. T1000….. Chill out.. dickwad.

  19. Say…That’s a nice bike.

  20. What’s an AOL ?

  21. But saying you accidentally went on it. Can be related to ‘i accidently sucked a dick once for money’ think about it.

  22. “what’s an AOL?” Isn’t it a big bird, goes hoot…. can turn its head round alot……

  23. o rly?

  24. I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

  25. You forgot to say please

  26. NO ONE gets my boots.

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