Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dropping a Bomb!

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  1. My mission is to protect you.

  2. I disagree. Clearly, your mission is to irritate me. You are progressing very well. Kudos.

  3. Dilosen? Xileer?
    is lamebook accepting submissions from space now?

  4. Its a mimetic poly alloy. Liquid metal.

  5. The truth hurts

  6. ^sometimes.
    but bullshit like this is pretty painful, as well.

  7. Correct. You register pain because of bullshit.

  8. Dil and Xil might think they have reached some conclusive paradise, but they are morons.

    Every new mother knows that it would be cheaper to drown her baby rather than rear it, and most have considered this option. But they also know that in 20-30 years time, when they are over 40 years old and unable to adequately look after themselves, they will be reliant on their spawn to provide them with shelter, food, and ass-wiping assistance.

    So please, take care of yourselves, your children, your parents, and any siblings or other relatives who may have mental handicaps like retardation, or physical handicaps like red hair and freckles, or spina bifida.

  9. MonkeyPooFlinger

    Just drop one bomb on each of the 194 countries in the world and whoever survives can decided what to do with the world after that.

  10. *196, actually.

  11. butterscotchcandy

    There are 196 if you include Kosovo and Taiwan (which I think you should) but there are only 194 in the UN.

  12. what if we don’t include israel? does that mean more, or less, bombs to go around?

  13. wait…is that anti-semitic, or not?
    either way, i’m really offended.

  14. Oh this is what we need on Lamebook. I thought comment 3 was funny until Walter cracked me up even more at 8. Keep up the good work! One quetsion Walter – is freckles without the red hair still a handicap??

  15. Walt‘s often wondrous ramblings have been sorely missed. Loving that one, bro.

    For the most part, I think freckles are cute as. Unfortunately, bapsy and I can’t be too hard on bloodnuts, can we, sweetie? Damnit.

  16. I’m liking bloodnuts, that’s a new one. One I shall keep for an opportune moment. Cheers my love 😉

  17. Bugger providing food, give them good borehole water supplies and a donkey for each household – they’ll look after the rest. That will be cheaper than bombing.

  18. @MsAnneThrope

    chill out, dickwad.

  19. ^fuck you and fuck the illegal state of israel.

  20. *gasp*
    you said bad things about jews!! mossad is gonna breaking down your door any minute now!

  21. zionists. not jews.
    learn the difference.

  22. oh shit…that’s still mossad, isn’t it?

  23. uhuh! you is in big trouble now. better hide.

  24. nah. i have bacon.

  25. what a relief! you know…those crazy palestinians should get over their fear of bacon, they could take their land back!!

  26. I can smell a nobel peace prize.
    no, wait…that’s still just bacon.

  27. ^^^fuck you, asshole

  28. delicious, delicious, crispy-fried bacon.

  29. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    There are a whole bunch of smaller countries like Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands that you could probably get with one bomb between them. But then there are big countries that probably need several. There’s also an argument for each state in the USA getting a bomb each two, since the USA is a federation.
    On the other hand, shipping a bunch of rice and shit to Africa has it’s own logisitic problems too. It’s quite the dilemma.

  30. yeah. i think about that shit all the time. it seems totally normal to think in terms of devastation and destruction.
    why would you?
    why wouldn’t you?

  31. i prefer to think of sunshine and lollipops, personally. devastation and destruction are just, well…kinda depressing really

  32. you don’t think at all.
    you’re not equipped.

  33. oh but i do, msanne. i do…
    i too sometimes long for the sweet solace of stupidity. alas, it evades me.
    but i’m working on it. i’m hoping that if i spend a few months on here, that should help a lot.

  34. you want to get all the way up to stupid?
    that’ll be a pretty big step for you.

    i heartily suggest fucking off and practicing for years. YEARS.

  35. no, i tried that already. it didn’t work. i remain a genius.
    guess i’m just gonna have to stick around here until i get dumber/you have an aneurysm.

  36. you think you’re a *genius*?
    mediocre, at your best.

    too stupid to realise is actually mong?
    that even possible?

  37. You take that back, MsAnne!

    SLG was the brainiest one in his ‘So You Want to Be a Personal Trainer’ course!

  38. it’s true msanne! you take that back! what bacchante says is totally valid, you definitely can’t be fit and be smart too. aw no. that’s just not on!

  39. ^you can certainly be neither.
    and if you’re as ‘fit’ as you are fucking stupid, then i’m seeing a profile like hitchcock.

  40. i’d imagine your own fitness level would be…well…pretty fucking poor to say the least. you can doubt all you like, lots of folks do, usually out of a sense of guilt that they are not doing the right thing so they go ahead and assume others can’t be doing so. think it’s some hill-runs this morning, msanne. i bet you couldn’t even run to the top of this hill….once.
    healthy mind, healthy body msanne!

  41. nope. i’m all good, you fat fucker.

  42. aw come on msanne! i thought we’d established that i’m not fat and stuff. scraping the bottom of the barrel, and that’s all you could find? more fat jokes? eh…wotevs mate yeah i’m a fucking earthball if it pleases you to think that way. saw you say to evilcow in another post “you have no idea what i look like”…ummm…ummm…see what i’m getting at here?
    you poor, lonely woman. don’t worry, your prince charming will soon come along and sweep you off your feet and all will be well with the world.

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