Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Premature Puns

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  1. FAKE

  2. T1000

  3. teeko

  4. ^ If you two were any gayer, I’d have to read your comments with a lisp.

  5. ^If you want a threesome, just ask.

  6. Hey hawk, can i have a threesome with you?

  7. Oh noes. Some anonymous trout-twatted nut-shoveler called me gay.
    I just got bored with seeing FAKE and wondered if it could act synonymous with the word T1000.

  8. how wrong was finalthread? you aint gay, teeko. you is lame.

  9. -Fuck off-

  10. whatever

  11. my best friend’s step-aunt got paid $18662 past month. she been making cash on the laptop and moved in a $439400 condo. All she did was get fortunate and work up the clues exposed on this web site

  12. ^step. aunt.

  13. what the fuck is a step-aunt?

  14. A ‘step-aunt’ is the one it’s OK to have sex with.

    hazel,I’ve been searching for clues here on Lamebook like you suggested. Guess I just need to get fortunate.

    Oh and fuck you.

  15. Damn you hazel you forgot the link!! Now how am I ever going to get fortunate like your step aunt!

  16. @14 So…. which state would that apply in?

    Theres only 2 possible reasons why Christopher decided to deduce a sexual problem from a perfectly reasonable sentence. 1) He is gay (for further details, see previous comments). 2) He is a sufferer, reminded every minute of every day by insignificant details.

  17. @MsAnneThrope

    Fuck you, asshole.

  18. ^heh.

  19. ^I would only do an eleven-some with you…

  20. ^there is safety in numbers.

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