Friday, January 20, 2012

Our New Favorite Ads

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  1. Well done!

  2. Yes! I live there!

  3. I’ve seen these ads on billboards, but I never thought to submit them to lamebook.

  4. The Milwaukee public library didn’t think this through.
    facebook/youtube is, apparently, full of creepy strangers having furtive wanks. And fuckwits who can’t read anyway. Public libraries have enough of that sort of shit.
    I’m not sure what twitter is used for. Hating the government, I think.

  5. Books? That actually require time and comprehension of the English language? Milwaukee, stick to Summerfest. Cheap beer and bands that are 20 years past their prime are the only things you know.

  6. What IS twitter for?

  7. idk crusty.. im tryna figure out the same damn thing. seems fuckin pointless to me.

  8. Not been on there, but seems you just “follow” people? Which opened up a whole shit-stained scenario making people think it is acceptable to make stalker jokes because they’re “following” someone.

  9. Fuck you, Soup!
    We know BEER in general. Of all price ranges.

  10. @Dawn – And even then, beer is only one small ingredient in the fragrant potpourri that makes Milwaukee the terrific place it is. Independent of Summerfest, our music scene is on point. Sure, shit like Bon Iver and the Violent Femmes have garnered us national attention for decades, but a great many bands in diverse genres are born of our little city on the lake.

    Personally though, I prefer it if people think we’re some podunk little dump perched atop the Midwest. The less scenester jags that come here to co-opt our coolness, the better.

    And finally, for the record, our libraries *are* pretty nice. Central is particularly cool.

  11. @JXIIH: Indeed!

  12. We do have too many hipsters though.
    Not that it takes very many hipsters to be considered “too many.”

  13. Two are too many. One is okay, though, because he’s funny.

  14. Like everybody else in the western world, I only think of Jeffrey Dahmer when I think of Milwaukee.

  15. ah shit…and prolly Happy Days, too.

  16. …and Harley Davidson

  17. Dahmer, in a fonz-stylee jacket, on a harley?


  18. …jumping a shark?

  19. while singing ‘Add It Up.”

  20. Shoots, scores.

    Goddammit, I got nothin’

  21. I’m more of a “Dahmer, killing and eating Laverne and Shirley” type of Milwaukee stereotyper.

  22. Nice one, fap.

  23. yeah, I fapped too.

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