Friday, January 20, 2012

Pure Terror

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    According to George Foreman he was a terrorist.

  2. Did you know that every time you punch George Foreman in the gut, he pees a little?

  3. Rachel, Rebecca, and Nataliee sound like valley girl names to me. We can’t hold them to a normal standard of intelligence. =)

  4. The timing of the last comment is confusing.

  5. Some people shouldn’t breed…

  6. unfortunately these are the people who breed 4 times before they hit 20

  7. I love how the time goes 9 Minutes to 8,8 and back to 9.

  8. Lay off the girls. I don’t know the names of every reality TV star or pop singer, and females shouldn’t be expected to know about athletes or worldly figures like terrorists or politicians.

  9. If you’re guna adopt the name of the Prophet and the prophet’s son, then you gotta kinda expect this sort of reaction.

    Cassius Clay was a great name. What a waste.

  10. What if you adopt the name of a muppet?

  11. there very well may be a terrorist named mohammad ali though

  12. Flow like a butterfly, sting like an IED.

  13. Funny, Dawn of the Dan, but it’s “float,” not “flow.”

  14. Oh damn, I knew that, too.
    I dunno why I did that.

  15. bahahahaa Beatus wins, genuinely the first time ive laughed on here for a long time!!!!

  16. Mohammed Ali is an extremely common Muslim name (far more so than ‘John Smith’ in the English speaking world): there are maybe 20 or 30 children of that name in my wife’s school. The former Cassius Clay was famous in western culture at the end of the C20th, but what’s teenage Nataliee expected to know about that? If you want to blame anyone for her ignorance, blame your media, that makes her think Muslim equates with terrorist.

  17. Considering she was probably very young when 9/11 occurred, and that Mohammed Ali, while very famous, might not be someone who’s prescence permeates the world of a teenage girl, Is it really that hard to imagine she might confuse Mohammed Ali with Mohammed Atta, the leader of the Al Queda cell that hijacked the planes? Lighten up, people. Teenage girls aren’t known for thier knowledge of the current political scene, nor the history of heavyweight boxing, no matter how major these two players were in thier respected classifications

  18. Paranoid Android72

    Fuck, in the age of the internet, ignorance and idiocy is no excuse, I seriously fucking despair that some people do not have the capacity to use Google. The likes of Rebecca should have their vaginas stapled and a lobotomy forthwith

  19. That’s why it’s our duty to denigrate idiotic people like these, Paranoid. I totally understand that due to their ages, genders and lack of varied interests, these girls are blissfully ignorant of who Muhammad Ali is, but if they are typing a stupid question into Facebook, using a device that is capable of Googling the answer for them, then they deserve to be shamed. Mercilessly.

  20. comment#18. I love you.

  21. Hahaha@ beatusmongous! Aren’t we all just a pack of muppets here though?

  22. You all seem to disregard her question. As if others told her the truth and yet, she still questions it. Maybe pro boxing to her is terrorism

  23. racist swines!

  24. It shakes the foundations of my being that people don’t know who Muhammed Ali is. I tremble to think that these folks are unaware of the social impact he had. I’m quite agitated, and practically vibrating with anger that the Rumble in the Jungle has been relegated to “ancient history”.

  25. I know Soup. It is just awful that not everybody is fully versed in the history of boxing.

  26. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @24 Maybe you should visit him, I’ve heard he’s got a nice tremble going on himself.

  27. @ Soup, bullshit, we’ve seen the interviews, half of these Americans thought your President was a terrorist and should be shot. Let’s be honest, it’s not just Natalie who is dumb as fuck. And mad2physicist, he wasn’t just a boxer…people SHOULD know who he was. He went to jail because he didn’t believe in war, the bloke was a fucking legend.

  28. Oh, and at Cardinal, like fuck she knows who Mohammed Atta is. She was just being a damn racist assuming every man named Mohammed must be a terrorist. She’s a nasty fucking ignorant attention seeking whore – the likes of which we can damn well do without.

  29. Crusty, lots of people went to jail because they didn’t believe in the Vietnam war. Why remember this guy in particular?

  30. I don’t think u need to have a deep knowledge of boxing to know who Ali is. He was a cultural icon. It’s like not knowing who Michael Jackson, Elvis or Bruce Lee was.
    Kids these days! Yikes!

  31. He WAS a cultural icon, WAS being the key word.
    I mean why should people know who Elvis was? He was the Backstreet Boys of his day, only with shittier music, and then he got fat and died. Cassius Clay didn’t like his legal name and got in trouble for draft dodging (by the way, he wasn’t a pacifist; if he had been, he would have been exempted from the draft). Now I’m all in favour of draft dodging, personally, and I think this makes him much more important culturally and historically than Elvis (who did not dodge the draft), but not more important than the other brave men who stood up for their beliefs and dodged the draft.
    Certainly kids should learn about the draft dodgers of the Vietnam era, but there’s no need to single out Cassius.

  32. None of this makes sense anyway. The greatest heavyweight boxer is Mike Tyson

  33. ^fuck yeah, I’m with you, GNagus. How many rapes did Clay commit? Oh yeah, that’s right – NONE. It’s pretty obvious who the better man is, and who’s just a pathetic nancy-boy too weak to eat him some delicious ear.

  34. Because he potentially sacrificed his boxing career for something he believed in. Not saying other, braver men shouldn’t be remembered, but he is amongst one of them that should. And elvis was NOTHING like the back street boys, don’t address me any more. You’re right about one thing though. We should forget about past important figures as they are no longer current, you know, Jesus..what an irrelevant prick he was.

  35. You’re right, Elvis was nothing like the Backstreet Boys. They made MUCH better music than he did.
    I didn’t say we should forget important lessons from the past. For example, that you should always check someone’s house to see if they’re playing with an Xbox or a stick before assuming they came back from the dead and slaughtering a witch in their name. But Cassius ‘potentially’ sacrificed his career (didn’t do so in fact) while others were fleeing the country, sacrificing their careers.

  36. ^full of shit fella

  37. You deny that Cassius continued to have a boxing career including his most famous fight (probably the most famous boxing fight of all time) AFTER he ran away from the draft, while others had their careers and lives torn into pieces as they bravely attempted to dodge enslavement at the hands of the military-industrial complex? I believe history will contradict you there.
    On an unrelated note, this is what I love about LB. Where else could you find a completely pointless and uncivil argument over the relative merits of Elvis and the Backstreet Boys being precipitated by a moron not knowing who Mohammed Ali is?

  38. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Ali’s always getting blamed for things he didn’t do.

  39. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Some people will get that reference, and those people will have earned the right to feel very smug.

  40. vaginalroundhouse

    His mamma call him Clay, imma call him Clay.

  41. When did “imma” (pronounced like the woman’s name “Emma”) replace “I’ma” (“I’m going to”)?

  42. ^when the fucknuggets just gave up on punctuation altogether.

  43. not that cuntpuncher is a fucknugget, per se. Prolly just memeing. Also;0 something something about the evolution of language.

  44. now, crusty – there’s a fucknugget. Oh boy.

  45. ‘I’ma’ is just as bad, grammar-wise, as ‘Imma.’

  46. Are you dissing on ebonics up in here?

    I’ll tear yo weave right outta yo honky head!

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