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  1. insert clever name here

    “goode at being badd.”? “i love turtles” boy rokks too”?


  2. I’m proud to be an asinine retard, DILDO.

  3. go fuck

  4. STFU with the typo excuse. Ugh! He’s still lame for leaving it. It’s his own fecking photo caption and he didn’t bother to edit it! That’s lame in my book.

    Also, @Willie Nelson – musical legend but you fail! Flexo was being ironic, there’s a lot of lame jokes bouncing about… retart, ratcoon, brians, etc… that you understand the more you look at πŸ™‚

  5. Around 2.8% of comments had anything to do with the submitted post.

  6. insert clever name here

    @Ya ya ya – Your point?

  7. Does it have its own post because his parents are white and he isn’t?

  8. Flexo strikes again. I hope he finds something better to do soon.

  9. This is stupid.
    So he made a typo or maybe he can’t spell. Big deal.
    Some people are bad at spelling, it’s not the end of the world.
    At least he graduated!! That’s more than what lots of these stupid kids can say these days.

  10. Does anyone think that Michael does not look like the product of his parents? Looks to me like his mom was fucking the latino guy who used to clean their pool.

  11. he could be adopted…

  12. wrong necroman, dude looks like Tony Romo

  13. It’s a fucking typo.

    Most of lamebooks stuff is just stupid because it’s totally out of context.

  14. @ Chantal

    With a name like that, are you really one to talk?

  15. fuck you i am flexo i enjoy troling and mispeling on purpers so that other retarts say im cool.

    i also livin in mexico dios mio my moma help me

    all of you are retarts who cannot spell write

    @necroman hahaha it’s either that or the milkman….wait let me rephrase

    necroman your a retart ashole its not the pool boy, spell write.

  16. Okay first off… ITS RETARD.
    Please people if you are going to hate then hate properly.
    And once again “R E T A R D” Only ONE “T/t”
    And for those of you with “special needs”, take the spaces out of R E T A R D, or leave them.
    It really doesn’t matter because you’re a dumb fuck.

  17. Lehcareht,

    Fighting with a retard over the spelling of “retard” is not going to make you superior to his intelligence. In fact, it just makes you seem like a retard yourself.

    Maybe you should read the other comments, and realize he is in fact misspelling on purpose. So congratulations for being just a downy as everyone else. By the way, you forgot the apostrophe in “ITS”.

    Best Regards,

  18. hotapps,

    Fighting with a retard over fighting with a retard over the spelling of β€œretard” is not going to make you superior to his intelligence. In fact, it just makes you seem like a retard yourself.

    By the way there is no reason to capitalise the word “regards” mid sentence.

    Best regards,

  19. And yeh, I know what’s going to happen…

  20. Just to avoid confusion – I’m not the real flexo. I’m just a sardonic parody who happens to resent both “Commen Speling Mistakes on the Interwebs” and attention-seeking trolls. Seeing as that flexo happens to be both….

    And while I empathize with lehcareht, I’m really sorry, honey, but it’s futile. Believe me, many people have tried. So spare yourself the agony and just enjoy the fact that you can spell. It’s a privilege, really.

    Now cue flexo! When is he going to start cursing at me?

  21. By the fuck – when are you dumb fucking newbies going to realise that flexo’s constant “misspelling” of RETARTS is a running gag from a much earlier Lamebook post – the main point of which was the repeated mis-spelling on RETART on Facebook.

    Stop fucking complaining when you do not know that of which you speak.

  22. My father is also the reason I suck seed.

  23. the dad looks like a total paedo. πŸ™‚

  24. @necroman and everyone else who seems to think that because their skin colour does not match up they couldn’t possibly be his parents:

    @flexo and all those partaking in this flexo shit

    wow you’re all boring and lame

  25. they look exactly like that grandma and kip from napoleon dynamite

  26. Obviously his parents conceived him in their late 50’s. Now he’s grown up to be their big boy…just in time for them to die of age…or heart disease.

  27. Is that fucking Tony Romo?

  28. Its funny because he spelled succeed wrong

  29. Four score and seven....

    It’s SECEDE. Duh.

  30. necroman,

    If I contradicted myself, then so did you. All you did was rewrite what I did, for a stab at being funny. Nice try. Although, it just made you seem lame.

    Best Regards,

  31. Is it just me or does Graduate boy appear to be the lovechild of a Milkman?

  32. #132

    I thought the same. Where the hell has his perfect olive skin come from?

    Maybe he went to uni in a very hot state? :p

  33. Hmmmm….Im more concerned that his father looks more like his older brother. Either that or his mum likes men that are 30 years younger than her πŸ˜€

  34. It wouldnt surprise me if mum was Michaels first ride πŸ˜›

  35. @25 That’s what I thought too! I love that place.

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