Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh Jeez

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  1. @sabretooth47 — like I said, I’m not religious and it gets annoying even to me to have to sift through all that to get to the real news (which is what status updates are for). But there is WAY more stuff on FB to be offended over than Bible verses…lamebook is proof of that with all these little girls talking about f**king their man, complaining about getting herpes, etc., lol :). But I hardly feel badgered if someone simply posts a religious quote on there…if it offends me then I can simply block them from my feed updates and move on.

  2. @ lexluther: My pleasure. I had the post in my bookmarks – because I’m just that cool – and it gave me an excuse to sign up to Lamebook after reading it for several months in order to share my wisdom 😛 That post was epic. This one, not so much.

  3. It sounds to me like Rick can’t wait for Jesus to bend him over and fill his whole with his divine spirit.

    Wholey Communion?

  4. Hmm if I remember correctly in the Exorcist the girl did fill her hole with Jesus. Rick you must be right 🙂

    Linda the wrench you are God’s instrument Amen

    Hot damn, Jesus as my chauffeur, that is success, step on it beardy, lets go and make the Pope jealous, Popemobile loser 🙂

  5. NuquamNunchucks

    God. These people are brainless. “God saved a wrench like me!!” (in all caps) “There anit no high like the most high!”

    Can we please get someone to deprogram them and set them loose in the real world? Or at least arrest whoever home-schooled them?

  6. The only thing these people make me pray for is nuclear war.

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