Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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  1. CommentsAtLarge

    Most unusual gasoline – rocket fuel maybe? Try picking that up at your local Mobil station…

    I think I died inside a little at what happened to the English language here today.

  2. “playin yohtzee wit gramma” or “playing Yahtzee with grammar” – I think this is where you take 5 dice with random words written on the sides, roll them, keep the words you like, then whatever you’re left with after 3 rolls is now your Facebook status.

  3. @ _isglory – #17.

    I love it when I learn something but did not think it would happen at lamebook.

  4. In the war on good taste and decent education, the our baddest bitches can always be found on the front line.

    Today, Hardees–tomorrow, Wendys! Or possibly Burger King. USA! USA! USA!

  5. And eventually, assistant manager of Taco Bell!

  6. The future is secure…..

  7. Ashley’s bio is fucking OLD, she’s 18 now.

  8. Yeah, what a huge difference.

  9. What’s with these people and writing “wtf?” when asked about their politics?

  10. Because “most” of the younger generation is dumb fu*ks now of days and probably dont even know what politics is.

  11. So it seems that Ashley reallly wants someone to “hit her shittt up.” Bet that special someone she’s been talking to won’t be so keen once he sees her bio there.

    And since when is watching the weather really intense shit??!

  12. discomfortzone

    Ah yes, watching lighting. Lamps, streetlights, neon signs, always bring out the goth in me.

  13. The next Saw movie should focus on the torture and murder of these specific individuals. If I knew anyone like this in real life, I honestly don’t think I could sleep not knowing if they realise how much of an idiot they are.

  14. fuck i just lost the game.. again.

  15. rockinghorsefly

    Because watching lightning is sooooo intense….

  16. So, let’s see, Amanda loves her man…has a baby…and it set to grad “hiskool” in 2012. So she’s a sophomore…about 15-16 y.o…a teen mother…and obviously is not good at English. Shouldn’t these posts exonerate me from having to pay her Welfare and Child Care for the next 60 years?

  17. ryennocerousrex

    “I like the most intense stuff, like watching lightning” Risk taker, fo sho.

    And why don’t these people know what politics are?

  18. Hold the muthafuckin phone…

    Amanda’s looking for networking?

  19. Amanda has a bone of contention with some fucka named Eva Sean.

    Also, I like that our “christain goth girl” refers to her nickname as a separate entity. With its own name.

  20. Am I the only one who finds #1 utterly depressing?

  21. ZOMG the #3 has the same birthday as me… can you legally change your birthdate cos i’m pretty tempted

  22. NuquamNunchucks

    Why is #2 CALLINg her nickname anything.

    Aand, that was a weird add-on at the end. Like, “i’m goth and i like smelling unusual gasolines and oh, yeah, sometimes i read books about magic”

    Goooddd blesss Americaaa…

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