Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just… LOST

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  1. Paranoid Android

    Never has a thread been more suited to the war-cry of ‘Ben’ given that the Ben in Lost was a whiny tosspot who wanted to be first.

    I’m disappointed people. I really am.

  2. @Paranoid Android: I thought that. Every time somebody in here said Ben, the nerd in me expected a Ben Linus joke.

  3. Malteser’s gone down in my esimation for that comment.

    Iron_E, you’re lame. Almost at ‘thejetblast’ level of lame.

  4. I want to slap Mick in the face. They DID NOT DIE until the final episode. He must be mentally retarded.

  5. rockinghorsefly

    Gregory is brilliant.

    @mcowles – “My dad always told me that having sex with a fat girl was like riding a moped… lots of fun, but you still don’t want your friends knowing you do it.” – also brilliant.

    I am glad that I don’t own a television, and have never seen Lost.

  6. christopherawesome

    By the way I don’t think a *spoiler alert* is required when what he said isn’t at all what happened.

  7. i enjoyed the few episodes of lost that i did watch, for the humour and the stories behind each character. but i mean, the show had a lot of fantasy in it, so i dont think the finale should have been that disappointing, based on what ive read about how it ended. I could never get into the show because all of the unanswered questions were just too much.

  8. i do think a spoiler alert is required, because the lamebook post leads you to the comments which correct the mistake made in the post, thus revealing what happened…ive always been able to avoid spoiling things for other people, even years after the story/show was released/aired. it’s not that difficult to do

  9. So the Lost finale was even lamer than the BSG finale? Glad I got bored of Lost and tuned out sometime in season 4, then.

    Gregory is my hero.

  10. Feel free to spoiler this one! For fuck’s sake…

  11. Oh dear, what makes the second one so much worse is that Mick completely misunderstood/ misinterpreted the season finale.

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns


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