Friday, April 8, 2011

Girls! Girls! Girls!

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  1. i love me a good woman joke, i love me a good sammich too, stever?

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Ally really should not be advertising. People like imamofo will act very quickly on such little info.

  3. How can one go 19 years without contributing to the teen pregnancy rate? The only way one can contribute to that rate would be to be pregnant between the ages of 13 and 19. That’s just a span of 7 years.

  4. Boo to all of these except Jonathan.

  5. Surooooooooorrrrrr!!

  6. wow has suroor really taken over lamebook? I am gonna get trashed on for this but he is stupid and not funny at all!

  7. John Mayer? Seriously? Choke, you morons. Same goes for Ally and Ashley.

    The Suroor thing was good for a laugh when it was initially posted. Not now. Next, Lamebook.

  8. agreed, @pervert. Find the new suroor already!

  9. I wonder if Ally is a sow, or just a real stickler for birth control? Or maybe she only does anal… sweet.

  10. Hi word ..looking good! (and I agree).

    I’d write more but I’m wearing oven mitts. : )

  11. That’s an interesting skill you’ve got there, mass.

  12. @#6 I don’t get it either, he is just like me (except size and muscles) in that our opinions and ideals are exactly the same. Although I am not a virgin and cannot go into details because of a few pending court cases and the advice of my lawyer not to do so, but is it funny to make fun of people that believe women are inferior and our own perspective and problems are the only things that matter? No. We should be looked at as great role models and people to aspire to. Enough bs, let’s praise the almighty Jesus and Allah that is Suroor! Supressed homosexuality is and shall be our aspiration!

  13. ..more like ass perspiration.

  14. That too. Ass grease. As good as brake fluid.

  15. And as healthy as anal placenta.


  16. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Anal placenta? What kind of shit is that?

    I once owned a midget called Heinrich, he sadly passed away in a guitar related incident, in hindsight I wish guitars where made out of sandwiches. Anyway that’s years ago and since then I beat my new midget Gertrude with a violin, they seem to handle that much better.

    Oh and before all of you haters start getting sandy vagina’s, I found Gertrude in a dumpster on the movie set of Lord of the rings. So yeah, who else can say that they’ve rescued a discarded movie midget?

  17. How has Ally been a teenager for 19 years?

    Is she one of the undead? Because if she is, I’m pretty sure zombies can’t have babies; what the fuck is she so proud about?

  18. Contributing to teen pregnancy is impossible if you’re not a teenager, (unless you’re a dude), so Ally is stupid, BUT technically correct. After all, she did not contribute to teen pregnancy before she was a teenager, either.

  19. Dumpster midgets are truly the best type of midgets.

    And you don’t want to know about anal placenta. It truly is some horrifying shit.

  20. Girls with guitars rock.

  21. @geekaron: Because she says she’s turning 19? 13-19…19=teen…what are you on about?

  22. I know Lamebook can be the epitome of trying too hard sometimes, but has it really seeped into comments now? Ugh.

  23. Thankfully, chiiro, we have your effortless comedy to pick up the slack.

  24. My wife was 19 years old when we first met. After all these years the only thing that’s changed is she’s even more beautiful now.

    Good night dickheads. I wish you all a wonderful week.

  25. chiiro, if you’re trying, you’re doing it wrong.

    *rolls eyes*

  26. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @22 Hahahahaha, you are funny, you used a difficult word. If it wasn’t for you lamebook would be so much lamer! You are the bomb dude, master of words and some!

  27. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Dukey, Mofo is still trying to source a albino aboriginal midget for my collection, so for now Ally has nothing to worry about.

  28. lamebook be warned, any more Suroor and we will be having a fall-out, capiche?

  29. Ally the only reason you’re not popping out baby sausages from your spunk trench every two minutes is because you have ‘Moon Womb’… A barren lifeless environ designed to kill cute wiggly spermy tadpoles…between your legs.

    Have I missed much you gang of wanksocks? Have you missed me? I missed all of you… well I missed rubbing one out whilst thinking of you all but it’s the same thing really.

  30. Huzzah, all is well with the world again.

  31. Strangely, I’ve been gone about a week and can’t remember much of it… Mofo, were you with me?

    You guys really went all out on this surror thing, eh? tl; read one comment out of every ten. jeez!

  32. wandr I don’t think I was with you?.. Do you feel about a fist wider down below at all?

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