Friday, April 8, 2011

4 Letter Win

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  1. suroor?

  2. Haha very funny American jokesing.

  3. Clever. I hope that he doesn’t catch them during proofreading.

  4. I like this one. I also hope the guy doesn’t proofread. And that the words aren’t picked up spell check.

  5. ts;nmi

  6. Unrelated- I read one of your blog entries #1, it was lovely 🙂

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ts;nmi Too short;Not much information?

  8. @Dukey,
    too short; need more information
    Can’t decide whether Michael’s foe is a prick without knowing more about those “three requests” — still possible that Michael’s the colossal douchebag (he certainly has the sarcasm for it.

  9. How the hell do 45 people like this within 3 mins? I mean, that much gratitude is granted, but fuck, that’s quick.

  10. somethingsomething

    45 likes in seven hours. The comment was three minutes ago from when the submitter copied it.

  11. Hi, I am the poster (and yep somethingsomething, also the commentor!).

    Michael’s a mate of mine from Uni (Nottingham). I have since graduated, but he’s on a four-year course. What makes this more win is that he’s not a douchebag at all, in fact he’s pretty composed. I guess this guy must have really pushed his buttons for him to do what he did!

    The silent floors in our library are pretty ‘holy’ though; there are two non-silent floors and a cafeteria where this guy could have been listening to his music. That’s what makes it so galling….

  12. I am hostile and angry and implores you to hush 😀

  13. A compliment! thanks so much saffer! I forgot my accounts were linked and failed miserably at trying to unlink them earlier.

  14. I hope the dissertation subject is Tourette’s syndrome.

  15. When I used to work as a Librarian I had to deal with noisy customers all the time, moaning, wailing, high pitched screaming, chattering loudly the whole shebang.

    I found that a poke in the eye followed by a swift right hook and the forceful insertion of my foot up the offenders ringer usually sorted the issue right out… they were good times at Ilkely Junior School Community Library, Good times.

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