Friday, August 7, 2009

Discuss Amongst Yourselves


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  1. Really?

  2. Thank for setting our people back another 50 years.
    Go get an education and stop listening to Soulja Boy. Nigga.

  3. @52, I love you?

  4. Nigga’s out.
    You are wrecking the english language.

  5. IRONY!

  6. wow is #35 really serious? Are people that stupid?

  7. IRONY! bump.

  8. Unfuckingreal.

  9. ugh…racial embarrassment to the extreme

  10. Oh… I thought a “Jaylen” was a dumbass person! From now on I will try to use the other word instead…

  11. @ChairmanMao: zzzz…

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