Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs! Part 2

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  1. Beanstalker FTW!

  2. was that english? and LOL @#13!

  3. To cool for school, or not to cool for school-that is the question…

  4. Can someone please translate what the hell Brittany is trying to say? I think I need subtitles.

  5. “I got court in early morning, I don’t really want to go. Said I violated probation, just because I blew my nose.” This is a lyric from Gucci Mane – Dope Boys

  6. @ Scarfy #49: That confused the hell outta me, thought Lamebook had changed my name. Haha.
    It was purely from a random conversation I had about four years ago with some girl I know. God knows why, but “Scarfey the Magic Pancake” materialised. The name stuck with me, and well, it’s good for websites such as this 😉

  7. *EDIT*. I think I was high [I used to do pot and stuff years ago] at the time and she was hammered. It was over the phone, and a highly amusing conversation.

  8. insert clever name here

    @Walter Sobchak *her 🙂

  9. none of these are typos…typo is short for typographical error, which means a mistake in TYPING. these are all just idiots who don’t know this stuff in the first place.

  10. what the hell? did my comment get deleteded? i totally called amanda on retart before allay’all. ghey.

  11. Brittany’s posts make my head hurt =(

  12. While reading Brittany’s posts, I had the terrifying experience of feeling my brain melt and run out my ears.

  13. *gasps* my god, Brittany is speaking in tongues! The Power Of Christ Compels You!

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