Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tough Breaks

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  1. Frst…fuck

  2. naming a child “destinee”. child abuse.

  3. Paul DOES look like a ruh-tard! Nice smile doosher.

    And anybody that names their baby “Destinee” deserves what they get. I’d run for the hills too…especially since I know Tara’s trailer can’t go uphill on it’s own.

  4. bloody hate it when people spell it HUNNY.

  5. Poor Paul, he can’t help it that he looks retarded. I do however find it humorous that they didn’t blur out the whole picture, that face says it all.

  6. Paul scares me.

  7. insert clever name here

    “mine o mine”?

  8. haha…nice. all of these people need a hug. 😛

  9. I just love when stupid skanks get knocked up by their loser boyfriends and then whine and cry when it all goes to crap. They always blame the dude. Two words. Birth control.

  10. The lamest thing about this is the name Destinee.

  11. Is the first one real? It doesn’t even seem possible? If you broke up with someone 2 years ago and he was a creepy stalker WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU BE HIS FRIEND ON FACEBOOK. And that kid looks like he is 14 anyway. And further more it just makes me sick the immaturity and just plain cruelty going into making fun of someone who is obviously suicidal. Damn kids these days.. >:-(

  12. she spelt retart wrong

  13. @misanthropic – denial is a powerful thing..

  14. @sparkling
    “naming a child “destinee”. child abuse.”

    You, my friend, win!

  15. Tara FTW
    Nichole FTL


  16. The part that gets me is the two years that they weren’t together, but that in his mind constituted a relationship.

  17. i think tara is just upset that he has a new girlfriend

  18. more dumb broads that don’t know “your” from “you’re”

  19. That fact that alyssa was letting him take dog pills from her gran makes them both massive freaks and Wilson is one confused guy

  20. Alyssa is a bitch. Sure Paul is a creepy stalker who probably just finished writing his 578th angsty poem about the salt of his tears staining the Creed T-shirt she gave him for their 2-week anniversary, but what’s with the crack at his dad? What did the dad ever do to her, other than produce a loser son? Totally uncalled for.

  21. Oh Sensible Madness I think I love you…I don’t even care if you’re a chick, I’ll turn

  22. I was with Alyssa until the comment about his dad. Leave him out of it. But that twat she used to date is fair game.

  23. @misanthropic4u

    The world is over populated if you want to off yourself shut up and get on with it. To all the wasteoids out there save the earth killyourself!

  24. What kind of a name is Nichole? All I see in that name is the “hole”…fail of a name.

  25. @ #8…THANK YOU! That is right on the damn money. I’m betting he didn’t become a loser overnight. He was probably always a loser. So its not saying much for her if she was dumb enough to fuck him and get knocked up.

    And seriously…Destinee??? Nichole???? These aren’t names. I don’t know what they are but they aren’t names.

  26. GrammaticalErrors

    These names really piss me off! I saw a lady in the Oroton outlet store (sort of like Coach in the US I think) recently talking to her mum about how she wishes she could afford one of the bags….then turned around to her kid and said “Chanel, come here now”. I suppose if she can’t afford to buy it she can live the dream through her poor innocent child!

    Calling your kid Destinee, Nichole, Chyna or any other retarded spelling, made up word or brand name/car makes me want to punch you in the face!

  27. even with the blur, you can tell paul looks like a douche

  28. I like how the admin only blurred the eyes and not the whole picture like he normally does, just so that we can see the retardedness. I love lamebook.

  29. @poopface

    I hope you’re joking. I always see people trying to tell others that they spelled ‘retard’ wrong. They claim it’s ‘retart’? I really don’t understand how that makes any kind of sense. If you say it out loud…. umm it doesn’t.. you just sound.. retarded.

    From urbandictionary.com

    2. Retart: A morons way of saying RETARD…

    Dave- Hey retart
    Amanda- Hey Dave I think you wanted to say retard!
    Dave-your being such a retart!

  30. I am Dave. Let’s Get retarted…

  31. You’re very clever, lizzy002. Very clever.

  32. Alyssa could have kept it classy if she didn’t mention that she’s cheating on Paul and insulted his dad.

  33. Alyssa’s comment about Paul’s dad looking like a retard seemed totally uncalled for. Paul does look like a retard though..

  34. Phew! If Pauls been necking them Dog Cock Pills he’s likely to be on the edge man!

    Doggie Viagra can have unusual effects on human physiology, such as memory loss, fucked up retard teeth, and an un-irresistible urge to hump other folk’s legs. Hang in there Paul!

  35. @Imamofo,

    “Un-irresistable”? So he CAN resist humping other folk’s legs then?

  36. @Wizardstaff: Only with the aid of those pills, maybe that’s why he started taking them in the fist place.

    Why? Have you been seeking a way to cure yourself of this affliction? Just try to think of peoples legs as a bear trap, that way you’ll think twice before wanting to fuck it.

  37. @lizzy002 ‘Retart’ is just vernacular on this board. I have no idea which post it came from, but that’s the way it is.

  38. WARNING for grammar Nazis: The following has been submitted by a non-English speaker. Grammatical errors, misuse of apostrophes and/or a lack of understanding for American slang may occur.

    What has the world come to, when two apparently retarded females fight over what I can only assume to be a lamester douche and who get’s to procreate innocent, no-chance-in-hell-for-a-normal-life children with him.
    And Ish – I think I loved Sensible Madness first! Don’t know if I’d turn though…

  39. Hmm, I think Sensible Madness is going to have a bit of a harem before too long. What’s the odds that the inevitable fall-out between harem members and the subsequent bitchfight over who’s first in line for some sensible lovin’ is going to end up here on Lamebook? Oh the irony…

    Oh, and Destinee was fucked from the moment she was saddled with that unfortunate moniker, having a douchebag dad is the least of her problems.

  40. That’s one of the most dangerous ideas anyone can have – feeling their partner is a little off the rails, so they decide to “make things more stable” (for themselves) by HAVING A BABY BY THEM. I’ve seen it happen numerous times, and it’s clearly the kids who are paying for it.

  41. Alyssa is a tease. Why else is she even following Paul? What sense does that make? You get a restraining order, claim he is a stalker freak and then follow him on facebook, commenting on his status updates?!?! And further, you respond to him, thus continuing to engage the poor deluded dude?!? And what the hell did Paul’s dad ever do to her?

    Wilson seems like most other guys, just more up front and honest about it.

    Tara is an idiot and poor Destinee is gonna have to live with the consequences of that, poor kid. Why are women so surprised when the morons they pick to make children with are, well, morons? What Tara is NOT telling us is that chicks who get that PO’d about their man cheating are usually the same ones who met their man in that way. ie. He was cheating on his last girlfriend when he met Tara. Leopards don’t change their spots. Karma is a B.

  42. @sideways if there’s going to be a bitchfight, all I ask is that it be done in Jell-O, in the nude.

  43. @Sensible Madness – happy to oblige m’dear. I’ll even video record it for you.

  44. lizzy002 needs to fuck her anger out

  45. LMAO @awful here we go again.

  46. hard to imagine just a few years ago all this dirty laundry would have been aired out in person, or over the phone, or whatever. Facebook’s the main outlet on the planet now for shit like this (besides Twitter, I guess?), and it’s only been, what, five or six years? Scary to think what’ll be the main method of shit-talking five or six years from now… especially with idiots like these around who let it all hang out so much that sites like this are made to put them on display like so many blind angry hippos on angel dust.

  47. Just think .. all the people that were lame but sorta funny on shows like Jerry Springer and Steve WIlco ect,. have facebook…*shudders*

  48. @Darkslider667:

    1. Please don’t malign hippos like that. 😉

    2. I predict that the near-future “shit-talking” technology will be a cross between Facebook and Skype, with sequences of video trainwrecks preserved and put on public display.

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