Saturday, November 28, 2009



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  1. wii is lame

  2. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, I suppose.

  3. sensible…

  4. wtf is black friday?

  5. Cheers,kiwi thought it was a satanic festival or summat !

  6. black eyed friday

  7. don’t we all love a sympathetic friend?

  8. hahaha go Jack!!! I would have said the same thing if that person had a ps3 😛

  9. Go Jack Go.

  10. His name is Germ?

  11. Zombie Kid likes turtles. So I’ve heard.

  12. Germ, I’d suggest a more manly name then. Like bacteria.

  13. I like turtles but not as much as I like girls with french accents and A-cup titties.

  14. Cumdog you always make me lol. I think that’s the 3rd time I’ve seen you write that, and I still always laugh….and I’m a female, wtf?

  15. “inks these words” false.

  16. haha nice variation CumDog!!!

  17. “ask and you shall receive”
    …unless of course he doesn’t kill himself. then maybe your just stuck with having to break into his house to get it.

  18. lol its great to have such supportive friends around.

  19. haha nice one anonymous

  20. sounds like Germ is the cousin of our friend ‘Jermy’


  21. BAhahah KAOSS FTW!

  22. Buy your own Wii Jack, just be prepared to accept 9-year-old graphics technology. =p

  23. I may know this Germ. I beleive he is a tattoo artist and he may have reasons for wanting to off himself.

  24. Hey, if he has a PS3 and maybe one of those mini PSPs, I’m joining the please-die-soon club.

  25. @Dee, Fuck it, I’m joining the club even if he doesn’t have anything. Of course I could always just go the nice way and join the ‘Please stfu NOW’ club.

  26. @Leverhundar

    But isn’t having him die and getting his stuff so much better? Not to mention more exciting.

  27. Haha. Jack’s a true friend.

  28. Jack deserves a medal for that comment.

  29. #30 No he doesn’t.

  30. I like turtles.

  31. nothing like deflating an attention whore.

  32. Noobie FTW! My thoughts exactly

  33. I m guessing he just joined the AA and seduced Jack’s GF on one of his drunk rampages

    Nice one Noobie

  34. If you are no longer moving towards being the person you are destined to be… then you weren’t destined to be that person. Right? WTF with the bad logic, man.

  35. he is talking about destiny. on that note he should be talking about santa claus is real or how god is going to save us all from this hell we call reality.

  36. posty mcposterson

    Jack made me giggle. He wins!

  37. Sombre!

  38. That is what I call best friends!

  39. I love Jack’s attitude 🙂

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