Friday, August 7, 2009

And Mark Wins!


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  1. “idk this person i become”

    Jason must’ve lent Marcie that documentary on Neanderthals.

  2. marcie must be EMO….or a retard…or an emo retard

    Mark FTW

  3. Mark’s grammar isn’t perfect either, but he’s still a WINNAR.


    What kind of brain lets a typo like this through? Do people just vomit their mind onto the Facebook and not actually think about what they’re typing?

  4. Why is a sane person like Mark even friends with Marcie? {Correx: “Why WAS a sane person like Mark even friends with Marcie?]

  5. @AK #3: I’d say Mark is practically a savant compared to Marcie and Nary. I’m HUGELY impressed by his use of the M-dash! I’d say the fact that he hates periods and opts not to capitalize the opening word in a sentence is more of a trademark quirk than proof of stupidity.

  6. Yes, AK- I’ve also come to the conclusion that most people don’t stop to think about what they are posting; nor do they take the time to read it over before submitting. If more people did both of the aforementioned things- let’s call it a “self-check”, or better yet, “proof-read”- we wouldn’t even have our beloved lamebook. We’ve got a double-edged sword here- the very thing that provides us with hours of entertainment is also the reason that the fabric of our society is becoming transparent. I don’t really know what we can do anymore, besides making sure that we have a fresh drink in our hands while we watch the ship go down.

  7. I think it’s a bit small-minded to complain about someone’s spelling and grammar when it doesn’t really matter. It should only be mentioned at all if it interferes with the meaning of the sentence. And it should only be mocked if the person is himself correcting someone else, or in some other way being a dick.

    Also, you’ll notice that he’s submitted this via cell phone. I understand the young people have developed a short-hand argot to render the sending of these messages easier and faster.

  8. Maybe he literally did sob halfway through typing “person” and it came out as a wonderful portmanteau.

    Nah, probably not.

  9. @sarcasticmeow: isn’t that an en-dash, where he should have used an em-dash? I’m going to go with “not hugely impressed”.

  10. I just love that Marcie’s attempt to wax eloquent involves text message shorthand.

  11. You're not alone in your stupidity


    Spelling and Grammar isn’t the only reason there is a lamebook. There are many things that are lame : about me, photographs, likes, interests. It’s more of what they say than how bad the grammar is of what they are writing.

  12. Feelings?! Those are for the fags and liberals!


  14. Wow I’m glad you guys spend your day making fun of people who speak English as a second language.

    I love that you guys all think you’re so fucking smart though…

  15. Marky Mart … was that you?

  16. another yawn

  17. Ugh, I’m sick of people picking apart spelling and grammar. Should you once-over your statuses before you post them? Yes, but the constant putting down of everyone’s grammar, it’s just….lame.

  18. Am I the only person who realises that B and N are next to each other on the keyboarf?

  19. As are D and F 😛 (“keyboarf”)^

  20. Iain, you must be. Mark is a cunt. You should give more slack for typos than misspelling.

  21. I can’t believe people are such losers they go on facebook and give spelling lessons.

  22. You’ll have to excuse us. Our brains hurt from the slow-yet-inevitable neural disintegration caused by constant exposure to stupidity. The pain blinds us to the plight of the terminally unable to form a coherent fucking sentence.

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