Friday, August 7, 2009

Eating in Your Boxers is Life … The Rest is Just Details

Eating in Your Boxers

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  1. Please say it’s not the same pair of boxers, four days and counting…

  2. Did you need to post this four times to help people realize that you have no friends to spend time with?

  3. French Bread pizza IN his boxers … and finishing that series on Neanderthals while not realising he may possibly be inching down that same path …

  4. Is he fat? If he isn’t, he will be.

  5. I think I just threw up a little.

  6. I am SO turned on…not.

  7. yup…threw up into my mouth a bit….

  8. The way the sentences are phrased I can’t help but imagine the food is actually IN his boxers which makes it even more disturbing.

    Pizza in my boxers.

  9. Jason: The pantsless gourmand/scientist!

    I can’t quite put my finger on why this dude is lame–he facebooks in complete sentences, his spelling is almost totally OK (see: “delectable,” “histology”). Oh wait, I know: He never leaves his house.

  10. Who needs the History Channel? I’m learning a lot about Neanderthals just by reading this.

  11. This was SO boring I couldn’t even read past the second “update”. This kid sucks at life.

  12. I can’t eat in boxers. If I’m having a lazy day, I have to get dressed, then eat, then get back undressed again.

  13. Bri Bri Bee Rat

    Mood: Good

    Play Ghostbusters for the 360: 1) indefinitely 2)until skill level improves.

    Mood: Fair

    Jason is hungry!

    Have quick meal: 1)Arizona iced tea 2) Eggo waffles 3) French bread pizza.

    Interact with French bread pizza: 1) eat leftovers in boxers 2) clean up all the empty microwavable French bread pizza boxes in room.

  14. This is the life of a man who owns no pants.

  15. Putting food in your underwear is not a good way to study. I would know.

  16. This guy decimalizes time as well. Too cool for words.

  17. Wow! He is SO relaxed! People everywhere must surely be jealous of how RELAXED and CHILL he is!

    I know I’m not.

  18. sometimes there are no comments needed.

  19. This one belongs on sadbook.

  20. So this guy attends summer school, doesn’t study, sits around in his underwear, watches boring shows on the History Channel, is often moody, suffers from insomnia, plays video games at 4am, microwaves his lunch, and enjoys doing nothing, at home, alone, every day.

    God, I have a huge boner right now.

  21. I actually found this one hilarious hahahaha

  22. I swear to god this is my roommate using an alias. Or he clearly has a long lost twin.

  23. Candy Blackmail

    He’s posting it for the benefit of someone..question is: who would be turned on by this?

  24. You're not alone in your stupidity

    By series on Neanderthals, did he mean home videos?

  25. Maybe French bread pizza is just so relaxing that you have to eat it without pants.

  26. laughing hysterically

    dont ppl usually eat food in bowls or plates?
    also- is he like trying to turn someone on by continuing mentioning his lack of clothing? lololololol

  27. my friends, meet your future president.

  28. Normal (*rare!*)

    I don’t know what the problem is. He never once said he’d scratch his nuts or grab a beer. He’s clearly not a human male!

    Anyway I’ll agree with moody, he seems to lok forward to the quiet hour in which he eats his lunch without clothes on. Where is he when he does wear clothes?

  29. I thinks Lori gave him a sympathtic “like”. I do that sometimes coz I have tons of lame facebook friends

  30. in a van down by the river

  31. this guy is AWESOME~~~~

  32. He forgot to say time for some eggo waffles in his boxers wtf?

  33. He just REALLY loves eating his lunch in his boxers. He mentions how excited he is, 6.5 hours before!

    It would be better if he was baked during all of this.

  34. You mean, after having all that french bread pizza and arizona iced tea in them, he’s actually gonna sit in his boxers?

    BTW Lori likes this…

  35. Dude whats up with you and your boxers?

  36. …’histology’…

  37. I’ve seen many a pizza-delivery-man porn video, but actually putting it in your boxers to eat is just going too far.

  38. Why does it not surprise me that a dude with a Christiano Ronaldo reference in his user name has seen “many a pizza-delivery-man porn”

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