Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Body of Class

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  1. First! My first first. Anyway, apparently Daniel isn’t looking for sexual activity anytime soon, with that statement!

  2. the major problem with #5 is she probably thought nothing of putting that up on fb… you know, just her normal everyday activties… good lord.

  3. ah, smegma and back waxing. how exciting.

  4. Philistines. Dick cheese is sublime on crackers.

  5. Sadum’s is a really old joke…

  6. wtf is smegma?

  7. NVM…. Grosss

  8. I just googled smegma and I got a very interesting picture…Now if you excuse me I’m gonna go hung myself.

  9. lol smegma is why girls like cut guys

  10. @Soup Nothing better on crackers than some dick cheese… except maybe some duck butter pate?

  11. why in the world would you post a comment about your smegma on facebook????

  12. Mmm mmm. I love getting some smegma in morning… NOT. That’s what proper hygiene is for. To, you know, clean yourself properly, so you don’t have to share it with everybody else. The least of all at least being your gf, assuming you have one.
    “just let me clean my smegma first baby.”

  13. Magically Suspicious

    I’m more disturbed by the back waxing. Not even gonna lie.

  14. @mcowles

    Only if it’s chunky style. If it taint got those lumps, I ain’t harvestin’ no rumps.

  15. The internet is destined to destroy the few remaining vestiges of privacy and decency. Not that anyone cares. After all, the only thing better than having an interesting/disgusting private life is broadcasting it over the internet!

  16. Yes slim, that’s exactly right, my cut and well endowed loyal subject.

  17. @Soup

    It’s not duck butter, if it’s not chunky….. then it’s just ball sweat.

  18. At least with uncut, you know if they don’t wash their junk.

  19. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Bezoar: I thought the internet already destroyed privacy and decency?

  20. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Oh and curiosity got the best of me and I googled “smegma”. *gags* So much for eating any food the next few days… *sighs* Why? Why would someone put that as their status?

  21. Smegma is to penises, as eye boogers are to eyes.

  22. Dont forget hygeinic your highness 🙂

  23. Thanks Katie. Instead of telling a girl “it’s cool, I’ll just pull out”, next time I’ll just tell her “the condom is over my heart. I like to practice safe love with only you”. Yeah, that will definitely go over well.

  24. I fell for the google lookup too… truly nasty. A nastiness that can’t be described by words, only by physical reaction.

  25. You’re all wusses… there’s nothing wrong with smegma.

    It feels like dried glue, when you rub it between your fingers.

  26. mc, dry cum feels like that, I’ve got no problem with that, but rank, moist or dry smegma is a different thing. I’ve had the unfortunate task in my job to have to clean it off male patients.

    I don’t get paid enough.

  27. i wonder if the condom-over-heart comment is a reference to that line in saul bellow’s “the actual” (“He’s got a condom over his heart”)? HMMMMM?

  28. bollywood_rocks83

    May I add that women also have smegma? That whitish “normal” discharge is also called smegma. Uncut men tend to have smegma since it lubricates inside and helps them move their organ.

    I really don’t see the ick factor here. Just saying since it’s normal for uncircumcised males.

  29. bollywood, so you want my job then?

  30. Lamebook… mate… I gotta ask you… are you new to the internet? Cos you seem to be behind on the whole humour thing.

    That penis thing is soooo old…

  31. actually, I prefer uncut guys– easier/smoother for handjobs, more fun to play with. And with proper hygiene, smegma’s not really an issue. Plus I hear it’s more pleasurable for the guy.

  32. CommentsAtLarge

    Oh snap? Seriously, that was the best he could do? Meh, upon closer inspection that whole exchange was unimaginative (chow mein, c’mon). Thanks to Facebook, those moronic conversations you sometimes overhear parts of in public can now be shared on a mass scale.

    And smegma, there’s a convo I’ll pass on.

  33. MonkeyCMonkeyDo-

    Apparently the job isn’t complete.

    As you found out today, the internet is in fact, terrible.

  34. Uncut men get smegma if they don’t wash. Amazingly, uncut women also get smegma if they don’t wash. Neat, eh?

  35. You’re right fealkj, but I feel like telling you to shut up anyway.

    Apologies, it’s Good Friday here, and I get a little tetchy when I can’t eat meat.

  36. Apology not accepted, tard.

  37. Like I care. We established our dislike for each other quite a while ago.

    Hope the bunny brings you something sweet, you need it.

  38. I hope to hell Gabrielle wasn’t waxing and baking at the same time…. unless she wanted her Texas cookies to have tumble weeds.

  39. Anyone else take the term “baby” literally at first…I was pretty horrified. ha

  40. CommentsAtLarge


    We’ll put a cheesburger on reserve for tomorrow for you (or any cut of meat, but putting “meat” on reserve for you just sounded dirty).


    tumble weeds made me lol, thanks!

  41. Comments, it’s ok, don’t hold back on the dirt with me, you know I can take it.

  42. CommentsAtLarge

    I was behaving for Good Friday; I forgot, however, it’s not Friday here yet…

  43. I know Daniel, and trust me, this is one of the more tame things he’s put on facebook and said. He doesn’t have personal hygeine lol.

  44. and @39 haha yes I did and was pretty confused

  45. Yeah I had to register in order to say I thought she meant a real baby too. I thought she should have mailed Guinness World Records first…

  46. lol

  47. Dear Donovan McNabb,

  48. I didn’t know what TJ meant, so I looked it up.

    Apparently it’s Turkey Jizz.

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