Monday, June 28, 2010

Updates From Up There

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  1. Bam.

  2. Bradley is a Negative Nancy buzzkill… and king of the double negative. I don’t like him.

  3. Flaming fire…

  4. Yeah, tell Bradley if you’re going to get all Firey and Brimstoney, to at least use proper English. Unless he really meant that by “shouldn’t being no laughing matter” that it really is a laughing matter?


  6. I like Luke’s outro.

    Hasta la vista, baby.

  7. bollywood_rocks83

    Bradley killed my buzz.

    Shouldn’t fire be flaming anyway?

  8. eww, bradly reminds me of my neighbor when i was growing up, she ruined my 7th bday party by throwing this giant hissy fit and flipping out on me and my other friends for talking about boobs because god would not approve. she seriously started crying and saying ” you’re going to hell, you’re going to hell. i don’t want to go to hell” then made her brother go home with her so they could fucking pooper,just like bradly.

    and the first made my day, just a little.

  9. what a killjoy

  10. Paranoid Android

    Fucking God botherers, the bane of my life, them and Ben wannabes.

  11. krasivaya_devushka

    lol@ bradley

  12. i love malteaser too



  13. whoa.. my mouth dropped at that… lay off the preaching on facebook plz.

  14. Too bad that information doesn’t help Rachel out Matthew, but i’m sure you know first hand.

    Bradley, isn’t that what the Terminator did in T2 in that scene where he blows the hell out of all those squad cars and such with a grenade launcher and mini-gun? No, guess not, wasn’t the best comparison to begin with.

    On a side note, Kim should really learn how to spell ‘on’ properly.

  15. And not one of ’em took Bradley’s bait.

    Can’t stand when people do that. Do I walk into your church and turn on the ballgame? No? Then don’t interrupt anything I’m doing with your church.

  16. Haha…this is Luke from the above status about the terminator. This guy Bradley was in this church, basically a cult, called the international house of (wait for it! It’s not pancakes!) prayer. They all quit their jobs to pray all day long because they believed God couldn’t do anything unless if they prayed. They also spoke in tongues, had “prophesy rooms” where they got their weekly God update from a prophet, and bummed meals etc. Off of people using manipulation and guilt tactics…and called it god’s provision. And they generally were just douches and thought anyone other than themselves’ lives were inferior.

    And the sad thing is, the status went on! A few other people said stuff about how that was lame etc. Then, he commented again and said, “Godly humor is good and all, but I will not make light his day in my heart. WHO CAN STAND?” and nobody else commented haha.

    Just thought you guys might enjoy a little more context haha.

  17. Here comes the big boring Lamebook religion argument… thank you, Bradle.y Thank you VERY much.

  18. Dear Bradley,

    If Christopher’s excellent sex/boob joke didn’t bring the flaming fire, I think we’re going to be safe for the time being. Thanks anyway.

  19. The power of Christ compels him.

  20. CommentsAtLarge

    He belongs to the church of IHOP? Speaks for itself really.

  21. krasivaya_devushka


  22. IHOP is not a church, and not a cult by any legal, moral, or religious definition of the term. Do some research, “Luke.” Or is your name really Luke? I say you are Frodo.


  23. I’m all for the church of IHOP!

  24. CommentsAtLarge

    “And the Lord brought forth syrup of Boysenberry, and it was good.”

  25. On the eighth day, God created stuffed french toast.

  26. I used to think of Arnold as a God, but he erased all his credibility when he went from a kindergarten cop to a Republican Governor. I have total recall of that moment, my faith terminated. It was the end of days.


    Wow. Just wow.
    They even come up first when I google “ihop”.
    Pancakes must be having a bad year…

  28. CommentsAtLarge


    Indeed it was a Raw Deal, and it seems your faith ended up nothing more than Collateral Damage. Stay strong though; don’t fall victim to anyone else’s True Lies.

  29. lol @ 24 & 25 funny stuff.

    Ironically, I drove by a church the other day. “Remember I said I would kill you last? I lied” … it’s kind of an obscure sect I think.

  30. Technically all religions are cults, even clubs in honor of any particular idea/object/person and such (I shall inform the anime and Japanese club followers). Especially unorthodox and generally “odd” religious groups (IHOP, like most evangelical groups, definitely fits the bill)are considered cults. The term cult just has a bad connotation.
    1 : formal religious veneration : worship
    2 : a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents
    3 : a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents

  31. @insearch; I just went to the website and was fartin’ around and was, in all honesty, thinking they were just about the same as the rest of the religious wackos I’ve encountered. Then I went to their blog… try this tasty little snausage:

    If my religion outlaws porn… I want no part of it. How the hell am I supposed to spend my time between 7 and 8 each night?? No thanks.

  32. Why is Mari friends with Bradley?
    I hope its for the comic relief.

  33. Comments, this predator has some major red heat going on for you, so look out.

  34. CommentsAtLarge


    I took a look at that link – personally I think it might be negotiable. Any religious dogma that actually refers to it as the “interwebs” can’t possibly be iron-clad.


    This gives me no cause to become a Running Man – from neither you nor your Twins.

  35. .. and down the street they were looking for Sarah Conner … must be an outstanding parishioner or something.

    OK, I’ll fuck off now…

  36. CommentsAtLarge

    Mass, I wanted to make comment to them praising the baby from Junior, but even I felt that was a bit much – mostly just for referencing Junior.

  37. Excellent, Comments. Alas, once again exhausted my references. I must bid you farewell, but stay hungry, ok.

  38. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    nobody referenced Conan the barbarian?

  39. CommentsAtLarge

    Word, farewell to you also – have a great day (since I believe it is early AM for you currently). I’d make a “driven to the point of exhaustion” remark, but last time that ended up causing trouble. 😉

    It’s always the obvious ones I miss…

  40. It’s almost 7 now, Katypants. Can I come over?

  41. @ Dukey … I conan’t

  42. The Cult of IHOP! You’ve got to be kidding! Where do the hold their meetings? Our Father who art in the kitchen hallowed be thy food. Give us this day our daily pancakes…

  43. *they

  44. @ Kim, GET TO THE ALTER!!

  45. …or altAr

  46. I once saw a church sign that said “CSI: Jerusalem.”
    Naturally my reply was: “Looks like Jesus got himself into a… thorny situation. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH”

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