Monday, June 28, 2010

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  1. krasivaya_devushka

    I read a comment somewhere saying “we’re out so we can stop pretending we care” ha ha 🙂

  2. i’m sick of all of this sports talk. lamest string of comments ever!

  3. did he really spell Stanford wrong or is there another school called Standford. lol

  4. bpalinsroughedupnips

    How has no one made fun of Matt? What a dipshit. I’m sure he got waitlisted at Hartvard and Princetown.

  5. I donated $10 to Haiti too. Doesn’t give me the right to be a heartless bitch.

  6. I belive Matt live in America, only Americans can act like that. Guess what? You may not live in Africa or another poor country, but you’re not to far from living in a 3rd world country compared to where I live – Norway!

  7. @powerstance

    no, you’d need to donate at least $50

  8. Matt may have been making a joke, but it wasn’t very funny. But seeing as how it was capped 10 seconds after he posted his punchline he seems to think he’s hilarious. Comparing winning a soccer game to starvation kind of just makes you look like a douche. And as other people above me have noted, Ghana, while not as rich as dear Matt’s beloved homeland, is not the barren wasteland filled with weeping children that Save the Children ads might like us to believe. As for people getting their panties in a twist, I don’t think that’s really the case – I think it’s mostly people choosing not to laugh at a douchebag’s jokes that aren’t funny.

  9. PseudoAcademic

    Sheesh, the freakin’ junior college “citizens of the world” kill all the fun in the comments section. Heaven knows that if it was a crude joke about Christianity or rednecks it’d suddenly be hilarious, right?

    Seriously, you’re morons. Getting all riled up about politically incorrect jokes doesn’t qualify you as a great appreciator of multiculturalism or tolerance. It makes you like any other ignorant college kid who thinks your sociology prof at Oswego State holds the key to human relations. And note that I’m using “ignorant” correctly. It isn’t a word that aptly describes anyone who you think is racially insensitive or “homophobic.”

  10. chocolategateux

    I’m a friken Ghanain n I think America played well but futball is a game of LUCK even though the friken REFREE was on ur (America’s) side. Germany beat Ghana 1 nil but I root 4 ’em. Heck I hope they win the World Cup. We HAVE FOOD. Damn just becos we r a 3rd world country doesn’t mean we r all poor startlving and liv on de streets.

  11. if that guy doesn’t even know how to spell STANFORD, he sure as fuck didn’t get in! & i checked nope no Standford.

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