Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Self Portrait PhoDOHs!

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  1. Walter Sobchak

    MY egg!

  2. Alen002.

    What is it with Lamebook and juggalos lately? They introduced me to the full horror of these clowns, and now they won’t let me forget em.

    Also stop taking pictures in toilets.

  3. Pic 1 looks a lot the Picasso that sold for over a 100 mill yesterday.
    This pic may be worth something in the future, so watch this space.

    Pic 2, well one of them blew on the mirror.

  4. I wonder how they got the dirty mirror effect?

  5. And I’ll take a stab, and say it was the chick.

  6. Dam you papa smurf you missed again..

  7. The Juggalo/Jugalette(?) looks much more like a Hobo than a clown…

  8. My head hurts.

  9. Fucking flash, how does it work?

  10. It is 2010 and people have yet to learn how to take a picture with a mirror

    Alen002 did you submit pic #1???

  11. If they need four hands just to operate a simple camera, I can’t even imagine how many more people they would need to successfully clean the spooge off the mirror before taking the picture.

    They also have one of those shower heads people get after they can’t stand up on their own anymore. My grandmother had one of those…it really sucks because to wash your hair you either have to hold on to it the whole time, sit down, or be less than 3 feet tall.

  12. CommentsAtLarge

    It took two of them to take the bathroom picture Cupid, that makes it even better.

    Again with the Juggalettes? The first one I just chalked up to a freak occurrence, dear God don’t let this be the forming of a trend…

  13. Who's That Girl?

    I fucking HATE juggalos. Nothing funny, nothing witty, just FUCK A GODDAMN JUGGALO!

    @comments – this ain’t a new trend. These assholes have been around for at least 15 years.

  14. CommentsAtLarge

    True, but I thought they went away forever like 10 years ago.

  15. Who's That Girl?

    @comments: Pffft – I wish. I see those little hatchet men all the time. Pretty sure they still have their annual “gathering” in Ohio. Every time I see a juggalo I want to grab a bottle of Faygo and knock them the fuck out!

  16. My first thought was “But that’s not blackface…” Then I realized it says “juggalo,” not “jiggaboo.”

  17. did anyone else notice there appears to be a person sitting on the couch in a Snuggie in the first pic

  18. Spicy Boughner

    According to Facebook, May 20th is National Explain Magnets to a Juggalo Day. Look up and tolerate for a few minutes the ICP song “Miracles” to find out why.

  19. People worry me. A lot!

  20. CommentsAtLarge


    My condolences to you, Ohio, and Faygo for getting lumped in with those nutbags. How do you dill with it?? (it’s spelled wrong on purpose before anyone goes grammar nazi on me)

  21. I think this is what they were going for in the mirror pic:

  22. Gonorrhea_Pearlman79

    I wonder if the Juggalette knows how a clock works…fucking Miracles

  23. re: imzadi’s comment….I will never understand the appeal of anime. sorry.

  24. The bathroom sink is awfully clean compared to that mirror!

    Why is this site getting spammed so much all of the sudden?
    First Alenoo and now this Hawkins? WTF???

  25. Can someone please explain the bathroom photo thing? Why do so many people do it? Are they such losers they can’t find a friend to take their photo for them somewhere normal?

  26. At first, considering the glare on the second pic, I thought Jeron looked like a potential murderer with his pose… And if he were standing a couple feet back and had a HATCHET in his hands. Maybe i’m just wishing delusional things.

  27. Walter Sobchak

    Sensible Madness, are you being serious about the shower head? That shower head can be moved up or down the pole and then tightened into place – so a normal sized person can have it attached above his head. Then, in case you don’t like your shower water to be affected by gravity for too long prior to contact, you can lower the shower head to say, crotch area. You can also remove the shower head and hold it in one hand in case you like to make your shower water fight gravity and head directly up your

  28. Paranoid Android

    A jizz mirror, brings back many happy memories.

    Ben, fwiw.

  29. how do i get my time to show up like picture number 2 on facebook??

  30. Go to Account -> Account Settings -> Language -> English(Pirate)

  31. K so the first pic, MMFCL? My Mother Fucked a Clown Loser? I don’t get it?
    Sorry, not up with all this new fangled paint-my-face-and-act-like-a-douche stuff.

  32. Wow I thought the juggalo/juggalette thing was practically dead. I guess as long as they keep recruiting fat middle school kids with low self-esteem there will always be these idiots walking around.

  33. @SharkBait – I had to look it up as well. The second definition made my day.

  34. Thanks Bottlecap. That second one made the most sense to me too! haha

  35. I’m just glad it’s not my toothbrush sitting there (2nd pict)

  36. FormerlyCaptainObvious


    Those of us in Ohio who are sane prefer to treat the juggalo/juggalettes as though they were the jerk who shows up to a party that they weren’t invited to- “Do you know him?” “That guy? Never seen him before in my life…” Then we all pretend that whatever space they are occupying is currently EMPTY.

    It works. For the most part.

  37. @imzadi That’s exactly what I was thinking. I do believe your right. The kamehameha seems to be more or less what he was going for. Which is why this picture required two people. Because they obviously don’t know how to use a self timer on a camera. Or clean a flippin’ mirror.

    And I’m sure I’ll get poked fun at a bit for this, but I listened to the song someone mentioned above, Miracles, and read the lyrics, and I think it’s kinda nice. The “How do magnets work?” isn’t supposed to be literal, it’s more of a wondrous rhetorical question. Like, just totally in awe of the world around us.

  38. My friend’s ex husband was (is) a big ICP fan, maybe not a juggalo but damn he was sporting a hatchet tattoo and shirts all the time.

    This same friend went through that phase, except for the tattoo, but I wasn’t around for that.

    I can only stand ICP and Twiztid every once in a while, but not the actual juggalos that sport their “gang” shit around.

  39. All my love on last picture, mirrors ftw

  40. ugh, mirror pictures are bad enough… but at least clean the damn mirror first! geez!

  41. When posting photos, fb should have a pop-up saying “are you sure?” and then a second one saying “do you care if your friends and strangers make fun of you?”

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  43. lol

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