Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let’s Talk About Sex…

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  1. Again with the child sex ‘humor’??? Seriously, this is NOT funny. At all. Goodbye Lamebook.

  2. yea.. it’s really messed up. :/

  3. LOL the first one is a Daniel Tosh joke. Only he used brussel sprouts.

  4. suroorloveskittens

    I dont men who are always roaming around slutss. I wish to break their faces with my 22 inch arms.

  5. on daniel tosh’s “completely serious” he says spinach. so… yeah, straight up stole the first one.

  6. It is so sad when someone proclaims that they are leaving a website forever. No, don’t go commenter 1! My kids all love anal. They ask for it instead of a glass of water when they’re trying to put off bedtime. They love it so much that I have blisters on my peenonny at least my wife says so.

  7. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Is John Elyesa’s dad or something?

  8. stardogchampion

    LOL @ #4 !!

  9. since when is child abuse funny? no wonder the world is becoming one big shithole

  10. Lots of moralistas out today.

  11. It would seem to me that lamebook is the wrong kind of place to look for highbrow humor.

  12. Man, its like the whiners here keep saying they are running away forever, yet continue to return. Like a kid at the store who didnt get their candy bar. I’m sorry guys 🙁 You’re right, your too good for this site…

  13. Child abuse jokes are hilarious! Stop your whinging, unless you used to be a lingerie model.

  14. This trashy girls make Suroor, the underworld king of hell angry… Suroor will marry A Girl who is pretty, Very innocent, highly educated, No ego, Always covered up properly, being today’s girl but with culture, who can be seen out only with family, who Dont interact with each & every Guy, who doesnot use 1 trash word in her mouth, who is strong enough 2 look after herself & has regard even 4 animals, respects All mighty & listens her parents etc. is equal to= Perfect lady or My kind of a Girl (Rare)

  15. But still if she looks at wrong way, or another man, I will show her the force of my manlihood and beat her uncounscious until the blood flows…then I will truly now I am not gay like all those other guys

  16. If you can’t laugh at child abuse jokes, what CAN you laugh at?

    Besides, joke != reality.

  17. hey people whining about the child abuse jokes… Shut up and leave already its just a joke!

  18. Hey whingeners: you’re lost, I think you’re looking for

  19. Girls of this nature are not the ones for vlast guys such as my self. /Facepunch

  20. Child abuse jokes are like my victims, not big or clever.

    Sooooo how many fake suroors are we up to now?

  21. Well I am a lingerie model (actually nude model) and I DON’T think that child abuse jokes are funny! Knock it off! >:(

  22. Thanks Jade, you may have singlehandedly saved the world from child abuse jokes by announcing you get paid to be naked on the internets. I feel like we’re one step closer to a world without pedophilia thanks to your knockers/manbits!

  23. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Lingerie models should replace all roman catholic priests in this worlds!

  24. What offends me is when people claim that “Oh em gee, so-and-so STOLE that from [insert name of comedian here]”. They didn’t steal anything, they’re putting a funny quote in their Facebook status. I do it all the time, and nobody I know seems to respond the way the commentators on here do…it’s pretty well-accepted that people are going to post funny quotes that they’ve heard. I don’t see why they should be attacked for plagiarism, it’s ridiculous. Maybe we should all start using the Harvard referencing guide whenever we post a status update.

  25. the first one isn’t about child abuse. it’s about what people dislike after it came and went…duh! So now everyone can laugh!

  26. @jade: prove it with pics or stfu and gtfo 😀

  27. I hate Brian for stealing it from someone else. bring back dead grandmas, blood pools, dumb walmart type people and misspelled tattoos.
    And I hate self submitters, you know who you are. Brian.

  28. Also brains was submitted on sickipedia 2 years ago so screw you Brian.

  29. I don’t know what it is about people named Brian I hate them all. Get a brain brian. And fuck Brian harvey too. >.<

  30. …relax…

  31. rude, crude, and socially unacceptable! I’m leaving!

  32. ok, I’m over it, Welcome back me.

  33. Uhm…jokes about serious shit are HILARIOUS….if you can’t laugh at the bad things in the world….do you worry about them to an extreme extent? Do you go out of your way to…idk…help ALL the people who have ever encountered these bad “evils” of the world?
    Yeah…fuck right off…if you seriously can’t have a laugh…
    Have fun with that heart attack at age 25 for taking everything so seriously.
    Fucking idiots.

  34. For some victims humour may be their way of coping, but for many people who have experienced something horrible first hand (eg rape or sexual abuse), the last thing they want to think is that the world is trivializing the act and laughing about it. Yes YOU may be smart enough or whatever to realise that while you are saying the jokes are funny, etc YOU would be absolutely shattered if something happened to you or someone you knew and equally as disgusted if it was done by someone you knew…BUT the thing is unfortunately the more people joke about it, the more accepted that type of behaviour becomes (I’ve seen this first hand). Boundaries start getting pushed, stupid nasty people get carried away & bring their stupid easily lead friends with them because rape is all a big joke..etc. Anyway whether you agree with that statement or not – imagine you are a victim of sexual abuse who DOES believe it, how would YOU feel if someone made a rape joke? I’m sure you can do some research if you’d like to see a different perspective – in fact I highly recommend it (it’s good personal growth to challenge your own thinking). Anyway I know it’s a website and you can leave, etc but I just wanted to maybe shed a little more light on why these jokes can offend / hurt / etc people and hopefully discourage people from telling them, or at the very least please be aware of your “audience”.

  35. ^Too long, did not read

  36. @marfase: shut up

    @firrip: Google my screen name

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